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All About Casino Chips

Casino chips are symbols of the thrill of gaming and the accepted currency of casinos the world over. These tokens evolved as a matter of convenience and security, when casino players started using markers instead of actual money to place their bets.

In European casinos, the different chip values have traditionally been differentiated by different sized markers, whereas in American casinos the different values of casino chips are represented by different colors. For example, $100 casino chips are traditionally black, $25 chips are green, $5 are red and $1 are white.

Chips donít only have value as casino currency, but have become collectorís items. The number of people who collect chips as a hobby is growing every year. One of the highest prices ever paid for a casino chip was $15,100 for a one-of-a-kind chip auctioned on internet auction site eBay. The incredible thing is that the chipís face value was just $5!

Online, casino chips are virtual, existing only in your online casino account. Bad news for collectors but great news for players, as your chips are even safer than if you were holding them in the palm of your hand! Sign up and get your free casino chips todayÖ