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Blackjack Rules

The Blackjack rules may seem confusing if you’re not familiar with this classic casino game. In reality, Blackjack rules are simple to understand, and this article should get your up to speed in just a few minutes!

Splitting: this rule applies when you draw two cards of the same face value – for example, two Kings, or two 8s. By splitting, you split those two cards into two separate hands, which you then draw to as if you were playing two Blackjack games at once. Since the goal in Blackjack is to get as close to 21 as possible, you wouldn’t want to split those two Kings, as they give you a strong 20 hand!

Doubling: this rule gives you the option of doubling your bet, and thus your potential winnings. You can double if your hand value is 9, 10 or 11. You’ll be dealt one more card and your hand then automatically stands.

Dealer stands on soft 17: this is a rule that controls the Blackjack dealer, not you. If the dealer gets a total of 17 points on his cards, he must stand instead of drawing to try get to 21. This rule gives that player a significant edge over the house, as the dealer can’t go for that perfect Blackjack hand…