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Make your casino chips go further

We want to make sure that our players enjoy many happy hours of gaming at our casinos… and making the most of your casino chips means maximizing your gaming enjoyment and your hours of casino fun! Follow these simple tips to make your casino chips go further.

When you’re playing on slots, always be sure to play the maximum number of coins! All the best jackpots and payouts are on the final payline, and each coin enables one payline. So to make the most of your casino chips, it’s a ‘go big or go home’ strategy every time.

High limit games have high minimum bets and you can end up spending a lot of casino chips on just a few hands. These games are great if you’re a high roller looking for big thrills and bigger payouts, but if you’re a more cautious player, find a lower-limit game and you’ll enjoy more gaming time.

The casino will offer you purchase match bonuses from time to time. These bonuses basically give you extra casino chips for every dollar you purchase, so it’s a great way to top up your chips! The bonus will have a maximum purchase: it’s advisable to purchase up to this maximum, to get the maximum possible free chips.