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Online Casino Free Money Offers
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10 Reasons to gamble at online casinos

1. Better Odds
One of the best reasons to play at online casinos is that the machines are usually much looser than those found in land-based casinos.

Many online casinos (for example, our 3rd ranked casino, 7Sultans) have single zero Roulette wheels which are twice as loose as the double zero roulette games offered in traditional land-based casinos.

A typical land-based casino in Nevada has an average slots payout of around 94%, compared to the slot machines in online casinos, which can deliver statistical payouts of up to 96%.

Video Poker games can give up to a 99.54% payback.

2. Convenience Without Distractions
Of course one of the most compelling reasons for playing at an online casino is that you can do so from the comfort of your own home. No travelling, no standing in line, no hassle, no distractions.

While the entertainment factor is appealing in land-based casinos, it can also distract you from your game. At home, you're in control of the environment, leaving you free to concentrate on your game, have fun and win money.

3. Free Money, But No Free Drinks
With the number of online casinos currently operating in competition with each other, you are guaranteed of getting free money when you sign on at any online casino. Most will give you a sign-on match bonus, up to 100% of the amount you deposit, effectively doubling the money you have at your disposal to play with immediately. Some online casinos will even give you money upfront before you make a deposit. Having more money to play with improves your chances of winning.

What you will not get from an online casino is free drinks. But while it feels great to be comped on your drinks all night at a land-based casino, this can play a significant part in separating you from your money. After all, gambling is fun, but you also want to be winning, don't you?

4. Less Pressure
When you're playing online you have more time to think about your moves and strategy than you feel you have in a land-based casino. It can be very intimidating sitting at the blackjack table trying to decide whether to hit or stand while the other players and the dealer are all waiting for you. Not so online - you don't have unlimited time, but there's no-one physically playing with you and you'll feel a lot more relaxed - and make better decisions!

5. Security
Security is a top priority for online casinos. Sophisticated encryption technology is used to safeguard your transactions. Typically this is 128-bit encryption, which is the same standard as that required for Internet banking. These are constantly updated as new technology becomes available.

Reputable online casinos will also have their payouts reviewed by independent auditing companies, such as PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and will publish these findings on their web sites.

6. Play For Free First
If you feel like experimenting a little, or are new to the casino games, you'll find that most online casinos will provide you with virtual money with which to play all their games. This gives you time to get acquainted with the site, get a feel for the games and fine-tune your playing strategy before you play for real money.

Have you always wanted to try your hand at the craps table in a land-based casino, but not had the confidence to join the throng around the table? An online casino will give you the opportunity to get to know the game before stepping up to the table, without losing a cent.

7. Variety
Whatever your game preference, you're bound to find an online casino that will cater for it - and possibly a few more that you've never heard of. And because you can play for free first, you can take your time familiarising yourself with the nuances of a new game.

There are also far more online casinos than land-based ones, so your choice of casino is massively expanded online. And they're all right next door to each other in cyberspace.

8. Easy & Convenient Payment Methods
There are a wide variety of payment options available at online casinos, ranging from standard credit cards like MasterCard and Visa, through to e-cash options like FirePay & NETeller and gambling-specific cards like Gaming Card. Online casinos generally pull out all the stops to make purchasing and cashing in as quick and easy as possible.

9. 24/7 Support
Online casinos worth their salt offer 24/7 toll-free telephonic support, as well as email support. So whatever the time of night or day, there are people on hand to answer queries you may have and solve any issues that may arise while you're playing.

10. Game Information & Tips
The software used by online casinos typically comes complete with game how-to guides and strategy tips. You can use these as a quick reference while you're playing, in order to maximize your chances of winning. This can be a big advantage over playing in a land-based casino, unless you want to try walking in with a manual under your arm!

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