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Omaha Poker


Number of Players: 2 to 10

Omaha Poker is similar to Texas Hold'em, but there are some crucial differences. Players must create the best five-card hand combination from a total of nine cards. The nine cards are made up of four pocket cards and five community cards. This results in higher hand combinations. Further, players must use 2 cards from the pocket and 3 cards from the board (community cards) to make a hand.


Blind Bet This is a forced bet made "blind", that is, before you get your cards, to get the action going. The player to the dealer's left posts the Small Blind which is half of the lower-level bet. The player to his left then posts the Big Blind which is a full bet.
Pocket The four "hole" cards dealt to each player, face down.
Flop The first three communal cards.
Turn The fourth communal card dealt.
River The fifth (and final) communal card dealt.
Button/Buck/Puck A moving disc that determines the player in the dealing position for each hand. This player is the last one to act in the hand. The button moves from player to player in a clockwise direction after each hand is dealt.

Betting Structure (Example for $10/$20 game)

Small/Big Blinds 1st Round 2nd Round 3rd Round 4th Round
$5/$10 $10 $10 $20 $20

Note: Bets and raises are limited to 1 bet and 3 raises per betting round. Therefore, in the $10/$20 example, betting would be capped at a total of $40 in rounds 1 and 2, and $80 in rounds 3 and 4.

Starting a Game

The game is started with the two players to the left of the dealer posting a Big Blind and a Small Blind, the value being determined by the stakes of the game. Then the four pocket cards are dealt to each player. The betting begins with the player to the left of the Big Blind. Because the blinds are bets, not antes, players can not check in the first betting round; they must either fold, call or raise.

Second Round

After the first round is complete, three cards (the flop) are dealt face up on the table. These cards are common to all players. Betting starts with the player to the left of the dealer button and he/she may either check or bet.

Third Round

For the third round, a fourth communal card (called the turn) is dealt, and another round of betting

Fourth Round

A final communal card is dealt, called the river, and is followed by another round of betting.

Players then make the best high hands possible using two of their four pocket cards and three of the board, or cards This is important for newcomers to the game to remember: hands must consist of two pocket cards and three communal cards.


  • High pairs and high suited connectors in the pocket are the best starting hands.
  • In a game with a lot of players, say 8 to 10, it is very common for someone to have the best possible hand at the showdown. If you have a good hand, but not the best possible hand, be careful.