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Poker Odds - Probability of Poker Hands

Poker is a game of betting strategy. It is important to understand the odds of getting a particular poker hand in order to determine when to bet and how much to bet. So what exactly are the odds and probabilities of getting a particular poker hand? We have the answer for you.

Poker Hand: Number of Ways the Hand can be Made Odds of Getting the Hand in Five Cards
Royal Flush4 1 in 649,740.00
Straight Flush36 1 in 72,193.33
Four of a Kind624 1 in 4,165.00
Full House3,744 1 in 694.16
Flush5,108 1 in 508.80
Straight10,200 1 in 254.80
Three of a Kind54,912 1 in 47.32
Two Pairs123,552 1 in 21.03
One Pair1,098,240 1 in 2.36
No Pair Hand1,302,540 1 in 1.99