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World Poker Tour Tournaments

The World Poker Tour is prime time tournament poker. The Tour consists of thirteen poker tournaments at various land based casinos and online poker rooms, leading to the final championship poker tournament - the World Poker Tour Championship at Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. For the complete tournament schedule see World poker Tour Tournament.

The 2004 World Poker Tour championship will be held April 19 - 23, as part of Bellagio's World Poker Classic which begins on April 1. The championship tournament, No Limit Texas Hold'em, is expected to have an estimated prize pool of $6.5 Million. The top 50 players will share in the prize money with first place expected to be $2 Million. There are basically three ways to get into the World Poker Tour championship tournament at Bellagio. You can show up at Bellagio and pay the entry fee to the championship tournament which is $25,300. Your second option is to enter one of the World Poker Tour tournaments leading up to the championship poker tournament at Bellagio. The entry fees for these tournaments generally range from $5,000 to $10,000 and the winner of the tournament not only gets the prize money for that tournament, but their entry fee paid to the World poker Tour championship at Bellagio. To find a tournament near you, see World Poker Tour Tournament.

Your third option is to enter a World Poker Tour satellite tournament. Satellite tournaments have a smaller entry fee and the winners of the tournaments get their entry fee paid to the championship poker tournament. Bellagio will hold some satellite tournaments at their casino on April 17 and 18 with an entry fee of $2,500. You can also enter online satellite tournaments. Party Poker is currently holding World poker Tour satellite tournaments with much smaller entry fees that you can play in right now.