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An expert edge...

New advanced features in our Video Poker games help you to play better and faster – meaning that you can win more! Players using these features are raving about the new developments… why don’t you give them a try?

Play perfect strategy all the time, with the Expert Mode Analyzer function. This function allows you to view the optimal game play for your current hand at any time. The Analyze feature will tell you whether you are holding the right cards to get the best winning hand, statistically speaking. You can use the Analyzer to analyse your current video poker hand in play, or as a learning aid.

Optimal Play Hints will alert you when your chosen hold cards don’t match up to the optimal video poker strategy, preventing potentially expensive mistakes. Of course, all the expert advice in the world doesn’t replace luck and gut feel – those are still up to you!

The AutoPlay functions set the computer to play a number of hands without you interacting with the casino at all. The hands are played according to Optimal Video Poker Strategy. This isn’t our most popular feature, as it takes a lot of the fun out of the game! Most players would rather rely on their instincts and luck, and enjoy the satisfaction of making winning choices.