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Blackjack gets better

Blackjack players will be thrilled with the new features offered by Expert Mode, now available with our new-generation Viper software! These features are developed in response to player needs, to ensure that you enjoy fun, stress free Blackjack gaming. The following advanced features for Blackjack are available…

Customizable Strategy Tables. Click the Strategy button to open the basic Blackjack Strategy table. If you haven’t played much Blackjack before, this will interest you, as it represents the best basic Blackjack strategy. Use it as a Blackjack learning aid - it’s like having a free Blackjack coach at your shoulder.

This table is also used during AutoPlay sessions, and is customizeable to allow you to define the strategy you want to play. For expert players, this enables you to build in your own Blackjack strategy and rules, save your custom strategy table and set the computer to do all the hard work for you!

AutoPlay is the key to fast, hassle free Blackjack gaming. The AutoPlay feature lets you set the computer to automatically play a selected number of hands for you, without you having to click any buttons. It does this by referring to the strategy table you have set up.

Fast, customised, hassle free Blackjack – what more could you ask for?