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Casino Gambling With Class

If you thought casino gambling was all about neon and glitz, you’re mistaken! The glamorous side of the gaming industry is still alive and well today. Casino gambling has always been a favourite pastime of the rich and famous, and dice have always rolled alongside diamonds and priceless artworks.

However, many people may not know that there are a number of major Vegas casinos with extensive and priceless fine art collections on show today. The Bellagio is famous for its art gallery, just a short stroll away from all the buzz and clamour of the casino gambling floor. The paintings on display change often but are always breathtakingly rare and beautiful. The Venetian stays true to it’s namesake – Venice, the city of artists and culture – with a collection from the Guggenheim museum.

Casino gambling and fine art may seem like strange bedfellows – but in a city where money flows like water, it’s not surprising that the occasional old masterpiece turns up to share in the fun! So next time you’re in Vegas, make the time to get away from the bright lights and buzz of the strip, and take in some of the wonderful art and high culture the city has to offer as well.