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Casino game design

Skim through the slots on offer at your favourite casino, and a rainbow of colours and an orchestra of sound effects will dazzle your eyes and ears. How do they come up with all those casino game themes, wild images and great ideas?

It’s all thanks to the creativity of a bunch of hard-working people behind the scenes – the game designers. Casino game designers draw their inspiration from movies, history books, popular media and the world around them. Just look at a few of the most popular casino game favourites. Monster Mania has colourful cartoon critters jostling for space on the reels, while Spring Break takes you right to the shore for a winning weekend away.

You’ll see the most new casino game designs in the slots, where the reel symbols, bonus screens and sound effects give the designers plenty of room for creativity. The Bonus Feature slots are every game designer’s favourite, as the bonus feature screen gives them space to create complex designs and come up with clever bonus games.

So the next time you’re checking out an exciting new game at the casino and admiring the graphics, think about those casino game designers, working away behind the scenes to give you a richer, more exciting gaming experience!