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Casino nation

Gambling is a sport - some might even argue, a national pastime! 46 U.S. states in the USA have some form of legal gambling, from slot machines to horseracing. Casinos spring up in many places and forms – commercial casino resorts, Indian casinos, racetrack casinos – giving gaming fans plenty of choices. Then of course, there are also state lotteries paying out millions of dollars each month.

The gambling industry is estimated to be worth around 73 billion dollars a year. That’s a sizeable part of the US recreational economy! A small group of people make a living from gambling… and believe us, they work just as hard at it as you do at your job! But most of us prefer to keep it fun, and enjoy gambling as a form of recreation.

With the growth of the online casino industry, gambling has become accessible to even more Americans, as they no longer need to travel to wager. They simply connect up to one of the many online casino offerings from their home computers! There’s nothing more fun than watching those symbols line up on the slot reels, or holding your breath as the dice roll. But remember, winners know when to quit.