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Couch Potato Slot Machine:

Couch Potato Slot MachineThe couch potato slot machine is one of the newest slot machines developed by Microgaming. You might be mislead by it's appreance: "just another 1 line slot machine".

This one however is a whole different story. True it is a 1 payline 3 reel slot mahine, but with a few differences. The first difference is the jackpot size if you play 3 coins. If you play one coin you win 2000 coins and if you play two coins you win 5000 coins, but if you play max bet of 3 coins you win an amazing 15000 coins!

Couch Potato Slot Machine - Wild Symbol PayoutOn top of this they also have a Couch Potato symbol which acts as a wild symbol. Should you get one on the payline, it does not just substitute for one of the other symbols, but also multiplies the payout by 5. In this picture I played with a $5 coin, hit a payout that would have paid me 15 x $5, but due to the Couch potato symbol forming part of the payout combination I got 15x $5 x 5 = $375.

Should you be in the fortunate position however to get two Couch Potato symbols on a payline they would also be wild and complete the combination on the payline, but with the amazing added bonus of multiplying your pay out by 25. Just imagine that...

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Don't get up! Be a Couch Potato

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