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The Double feature is one of the most fun parts of a Video Poker game, but also one of the least understood. Understanding the ins and outs of this feature will boost your winnings and youíll enjoy your gaming even more!

The Allow Double option is on by default. You can switch this function on and off in the game Options menu. If this option is turned off, you canít double on a winning hand Ė so be sure to check it before you start playing!

The doubling option is a chance to double whatever you win off your video poker hand. You are given the choice of trying to double your payout, or take the winnings as they stand. The Doulbe and Collect buttons are highlighted for you to make your choice.

When you choose to Double, the winning video poker hand is replaced by a row of five cards. The dealerís card is shown, and you need to beat it by choosing a card that has a higher value.

You only get one shot! If you beat the dealerís card, your payout is doubled and you have the chance to double it again! If you tie, you can either collect your original winnings or double up. If you lose, you walk away with nothing. Thatís a big risk Ė but the rewards of a double video poker payout can also be huge!