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Faster Casino Gambling

We know that many online casino players just want to play more and more – but with limited time available, that translates into playing faster and faster! For this reason, we proudly present our hints and tips for online casino gambling speed freaks…

For the Vegas veterans we offer Expert mode in the latest Microgaming casino software. This is a set of tools and options that give you even greater control over your casino gambling – and can help you play faster! The Autoplay feature is a breakthrough technology that allows you to set the casino to automatically play a defined number of consecutive hands or spins for you, based on your settings and chosen bet size. That means you can go check on dinner and come back to see your winnings!

The QuickSpin feature makes the Slot reels and Roulette wheels spin faster, cutting down on your casino gambling time. Saved strategy settings and Roulette bet layouts, give you the ability to choose your bet layout or strategy, set it all up just right and then save it for your next session. The next time you log in, you don’t need to spend time placing your bets in your favourite layout – just load up the saved settings and play away. Faster casino gambling is at your fingertips… don’t get left behind!