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Free blackjack chips

If you’re looking for an online Blackjack game, you’re also looking for the maximum hours of enjoyment, right? Clever use of bonuses and free chips will maximise your bang for your buck, giving you free Blackjack games and more chances to win!

The first important factor is your choice of an online casino. Online Blackjack games may be very similar from casino to casino, but the free chips on offer are very different! Don’t be sucked in by a big sign-up offer – also look at the size of the prizes on offer in their promotions, and their history of paying ongoing bonuses to players. Player forums can be a very good source of information from fellow free Blackjack fans, on which casinos they’ve had the best experience with.

Many players try to get more bonuses by playing at a number of casinos. Casinos tend to give more free Blackjack chips to their high rollers, so spreading your game play around a number of casinos like this may not be a great strategy, as it dilutes your play at any one casino.

The ultimate free Blackjack tip is to know your strategy! The better you play, the more you’ll win – and that means more chips to play more games. Good luck!