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Free blackjack strategy

Blackjack is a great game, with good odds for the player if you know basic strategy and play smart. These free Blackjack tips and basic strategy rules will give you the edge at the Blackjack table...

Splitting: Always split Aces. This is like an extra free Blackjack hand, as splitting your Aces gives you two great hands, each with a very good chance of getting a 21 hand. Also always split 8s, and split 9s if the dealerís hand is showing a 9 or a 6. Never split 10s or 5s, as these are the building blocks of a great hand and splitting them just opens you up to more risk.

Standing: If your hand is a hard 17 or more, donít take risks. The dealer must stand on 17 or more, so the chances of him beating you are less than the chance of you going bust!

Doubling: Take the chance to double if the dealerís hand is looking low (a value of 3 to 6) and when you have a strong 9 to 11 hand. Always, always double if you have an 11 to the dealerís 10.

For more great free Blackjack advice, check out the help files in the casino software. A little bit of free Blackjack coaching can add up into big winningsÖ so swot up and play your best!