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Free or for real?

So you’re a Blackjack fan looking to play online. The biggest question you have to answer is – should I play a free Blackjack game, or play for real money?

Online casinos offer two types of accounts – a Guest account lets you play for free, while a Real account lets you wager and win real money. The choice is your, depending on your confidence in your abilities. For real or free Blackjack, there are still many variations to choose from, including multihand and versions like Vegas Strip, Atlantic City and Spanish Blackjack.

Of course, you could opt for the best of both worlds, and have two accounts at the casino – one guest and one Real. This is totally legal and means you can play free Blackjack for fun, and switch over the wager and win real money when your luck is running strong.

There are good reasons to have a Real account. Free Blackjack players are missing out on some of the most exciting variations, like the progressive games and the high-limit action. The odds of Blackjack are very good, meaning that most players win good money off their bets. This isn’t a game where you’re just throwing your money away – especially if you have good strategy!