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Pick Your Gambling Strategy

Three FREE Even-Money Systems

Using a gambling strategy means applying a specific method or system for beating the odds. Over the long run the casino has the edge and no system can change that fact. But that does not mean these fee systems can't work beautifully over the short term.

The 10% Staking Plan

The 10% Staking Plan is a conservative gambling strategy for automatically pressing up your bets when winning, and cutting back when losing.

1. When you begin a session, determine the size of your bankroll. In the event that things go terribly wrong, your total loss will be limited to this amount. The golden gambling strategy rule: Don't bet more than you can afford to lose.

2. Use 10% of your bankroll for each bet, recalculating after every wager. For example, if your starting bankroll is $100, your first bet would be $10 (10% of your total). If your first bet wins and your stake increased from the original $100 to $120, your next bet would be $12, which is 10% of your new total.

Conversely, if your first bet loses, you would then wager 10% of your remaining bankroll, in this case that would be $90, so the next wager is $9, which is 10% of the new bankroll amount. This 10% staking plan is a gambling strategy designed to take full advantage of winning streaks and at the same time it allows for the inevitable run of bad luck that comes along periodically.

You have established a loss limit at the outset. You do not set a win limit, but it is advisable to cap your bankroll at a certain level. Stashing away all profits over and above a certain amount is a gambling strategy that protects you from total ruin, should things turn ugly (and they often do).

Let's say you've been winning nicely and your bankroll has grown by 50%, from $100 to $150. At this point it is advisable to pocket the $50 profit, and start again with your original $100 bankroll. If the gambling strategy holds up and things continue to go well and you get ahead by another $50, you've doubled your stake. On the other hand, if things go bad you should quit if you lose $50. That way you'll at least walk away even.

Make the 10% Staking Plan your gambling strategy next time you go to play. You'll like it!

The 12/6 Roulette Gambling Strategy

The numbers around a roulette wheel are arranged so that high and low, red/ black, and odd/even numbers appear alternately. If you look at the wheel closely, you'll see that 0 and 00 are opposite each other. The first five numbers to the right of 0 are 2, 14, 35, 23 and 4. Diagonally across and to the left of 00 are the numbers 1, 13, 36, 24 and 3. This 12/6 Gambling Strategy involves betting on those 12 numbers.

In numerical order, the numbers we use are 0, 00, 1, 2, 3, 4, 13, 14, 23, 24, 35 and 36. Those specific numbers form two six-number sections on opposite sides of the wheel and all 12 numbers can be covered with six split bets. Hence the 12/6 Gambling Strategy.

Split bets are made by placing one or more chips on the line between two numbers. You can cover the above twelve numbers by simply placing your chip(s) on the line between each of these adjacent pairs on the table layout: 0-00, 1-4, 2-3, 13-14, 23-24, and 35-36.

With this gambling strategy you are betting on two separate slices of the wheel, hoping the ball will come to rest in one of those two sections. Also, by betting a total of 12 numbers you cover almost one-third of the entire wheel. You have nearly a one-in-three chance of winning on every spin.

To make money with the 12/6 method the same number does not have to hit more than once. As long as, in three consecutive spins, any one of the 12 chosen numbers comes up you'll pocket a nice profit.

Unless you can afford to splurge, I suggest you find a table with $1 chips and a $5 minimum on inside bets. Buy no more than 60 $1 chips. Start playing your 12/6 gambling strategy by placing one chip between each of these six pairs of numbers: 0-00, 1-4, 2-3, 13-14, 23-24. and 35-36. Repeat this same wager until you win.

When one of your numbers comes up you will be paid 17 to 1 for a total of 18 chips. Now you bet back your win by placing three chips between each of your six sets of numbers. If you win again, the payoff will be 3 x 17 = 51 chips, plus you get back your 3-chip wager for a total of 54 chips.

This is where the 12/6 gambling strategy gets exciting! You re-bet those 54 chips by placing nine chips on each of the same six pairs of numbers. Win once more and you'll collect 162 chips! (9 x 17= 153 chips plus the 9 you wagered). At this point you will have a net win of better than $100. If the dealer hasn't already done so, I suggest you ask him or her to exchange 100 of your chips for one black ($100) casino chip. Then put it in your pocket or purse. Whatever happens from here on, you've ensured you won't leave the table a loser.

You will find it helps if you choose a busy table, where the dealer takes longer between spins to sort and stack chips, this gives you more time to place your bets accurately. Also, when playing this gambling strategy, try to position yourself at the center of the table. From here you can easily reach all the number fields, since you will be placing chips from top to bottom of the layout.

I suggest that, each time you win, you make a one-chip straight-up bet for the dealer, but on one of the numbers in your section of the wheel. You do this because you're a nice person, and also because he or she just might have the skill to direct the ball to a certain section of the wheel…

No gambling strategy is infallible. That's why you limit your stake to an amount that is not going to put much of a crimp in you bankroll, should things not work out. Starting with 60 chips, this 12/6 System gives you 10 chances at some exciting and memorable times at the roulette table.

Good Luck!

The 1 - 3 - 2 - 6 Gambling Strategy

What makes the 1 - 3 - 2 - 6 gambling strategy attractive is that you risk only two betting units for a chance to win ten units. You can make a nice profit with a minimal investment.

The first bet is one unit, if you win, add another unit, making the second bet a total of three units. If you win the second bet, there are 6 units on the table. Remove four units, making your third bet two units. If it wins add two more units, making it a total of six units for your fourth bet. If the fourth bet wins you'll collect a total of 12 units, of which ten units are profit!

If you lose the first bet, the loss is one unit. Assuming you win the first, but lose the second bet, your net loss is two units. If you win the second, but lose the third bet, you have a profit of two units. If you win the first three bets but lose the fourth bet, this gambling strategy puts you right back to even.

If you lose the second bet five out of six times and win four consecutive bets once, you'll be right back to even. Use this gambling strategy for even-money betting at any game.

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