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Gambling without borders

Gone are the days when online casinos were strictly dollar-only events. The rest of the world is picking up on the online gambling trend and more currencies are on offer at internet casinos every day!

Players from across the United Kingdom and Europe were the first to get on the bandwagon, and now players from Asia and other locations are starting to join them. In response, gambling companies have opened online casinos in different currencies and languages to accommodate their foreign players. Prefer to play in Euros, or gamble in Cantonese? No problem! Thereís a casino out there for you.

If youíre a foreign player who has been gambling in dollars, this is your chance to convert. Youíll never have to worry about exchange rates and currency conversion losses ever again Ė and thatís not all.

Once youíve signed up to play in the currency of your choice, most casinos will send you personalised promotions and purchase match offers in your own currency. If you currently have a casino account balance in dollars, donít worry about it. Speak to your casino Support Center: they should be able to convert and transfer your account balance without any trouble. Youíll be gambling in local coinage before you know it!