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It's easier with online roulette

Thanks to the new Expert Mode features in the latest casino software, itís even easier to play and win at online Roulette! These advanced features apply to all online Roulette games in the Viper software, and will make your gaming experience even more enjoyable and profitable.

The Neighbor Bets feature automatically places bets on the neighboring numbers of a Straight Up bet that you have chosen to play. Please note that Neighbor Bets are allocated to the neighbour numbers as they appear on the online Roulette wheel - not as they appear on the table!

Customizable Bet Layouts allow you to personalise and save your online Roulette bet layouts Ė up to eight different layouts to choose from the next time you return! The Bet Layouts function is also used in Autoplay mode, to guide the computer in your chosen bet strategy.

AutoPlay sets the computer to automatically play a selected number of spins for you, based on your bet layout, without you having to interact with the computer at all. You can set the computer up to stop AutoPlay once all spins are complete, or when a jackpot is won. You can also choose to stop if a win exceeds some chosen amount, of if your credits increase or decrease by a specified amount.