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  1. Click the Chip Selector arrow buttons to select the chip size you want to bet.

  2. Left-click the center betting circles in the play area to select the chip size you want to bet with. You can bet up to five hands in Multi-hand Blackjack.
    To increase your bet, do the following:
    • Left-click the center betting circle selected again.
    To reduce or remove a bet, do the following:
    • Right-click the bet you want to reduce or remove.

  3. Click the Deal button. You are dealt two cards per hand, and one card is dealt to the Dealer.

  4. Depending on the cards you are dealt and the game rules, different betting options are available. More than one option can be performed, or one option repeated depending on the stage of the game. The betting options are:
    • Hit
      Click the Hit button. You are dealt one card.
      Use the Hit option if you want the Dealer to deal you another card from the deck.

    • Stand
      Click the Stand button. This ends the play of this hand.
      Use the Stand option if you do not want to receive more cards and want to end the game.

    • Split
      Click the Split button. Your hand is divided into two separate hands and a new card is dealt to each hand.
      Use the Split option if you are dealt two cards with the same denomination, such as two Queens or two Fours and want to Split them into two separate hands.

    • Double
      Click the Double button. A side bet equal to your original bet is placed on the table. You are dealt one card and your hand automatically stands.
      Use the Double option if your hand has a value of 9, 10 or 11. You can place a side bet that your hand will beat the Dealerís hand. Only one more card is dealt.

    • Take Insurance
      Click the Insurance button. An Insurance bet, equal to half your original bet, is placed on the table.
      Use the Insurance option if you do not have Blackjack and the Dealerís first card is an Ace. You take Insurance against the Dealer getting a Blackjack.

      If a button is gray, that option is not available according to the game rules.
      For more information on these options, see the Terminology section.

  5. Once you have completed your betting options, your hand or hands and the Dealerís hand are compared. The hand with the highest value wins and the winnings are paid.