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Online casino software – four ways to play

When you sign up to an online casino, you’re faced with a number of choices… not least the many ways to play. Flash or Download, Real or Guest – what’s a player to do? Simply put, you have a choice about the kind of software you want to use, and which mode you want to play in.

Download the casino software to your computer for the full Vegas-style experience, widest range of games and best playing atmosphere. Alternatively, you can choose to play the Flash casino – a ‘lite’ version that you play online, without downloading. However, the Flash version may offer fewer games and the bonuses are sometimes different, so read the details!

The Guest or Real player choice really depends on you. Do you want to jump right in, playing for real money and collecting real winnings right away? If so, Real player mode is for you. But if you’d prefer to try the casino out first, without risking any real money, you can play for fun in Guest mode. The casino will usually ask you whether you’re ready to play for real each time you sign in, so you can convert to the world of real winnings any time!

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