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Slot machines - why women love playing them

When was the last time you beat the odds and won the jackpot playing the slots? The excitement is incredible. The attention is extremely flattering. It's no wonder so many women are turned on by slots.

Slot machines are a popular form of entertainment at any given land or online casino. The fancy bells, catchy tunes and bright lights are a huge draw by many casino players, but why are so many women in particular attracted to this form of gambling?

You may be surprised to learn that there is more to it than meets the eye. Unlike other casino games, slot machines are played at a pace that is controlled largely by the player. That may be one of the reasons why so many women enjoy playing the slots, but if you were to walk up to 10 different women at the same casino, you'd probably get 10 slightly different explanations.

We surfed the message boards on the Net to get in on the buzz surrounding this topic. Here's what we found:

Slots are easy to learn and fun to play
Online slot machines are equally bright, noisy, fun to play and offer similar payouts

Slot machines are less intimidating than table games; no one judges you on your playing ability

There's less interactivity
Women do not feel the need to compete against others to prove their success

Real fun, real money!

History in the Making
The first slot machine was invented in 1895 by Charles Fey, a San Francisco car mechanic. The Liberty Bell, as it was called, had three spinning reels (diamonds, spades and hearts) and one cracked Liberty Bell painted on each of the three reels. Spinning three bells in a row paid out a jackpot of 10 nickels.

Bugsy Siegel, the infamous gangster of the 1940's, was one of the first entrepreneurs to add slot machines to his Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. Originally installed as a way to keep the wives and girlfriends of Vegas high rollers entertained, Bugsy's slot machines were an unexpected success.

Unfortunately, Mr. Siegel would not live long enough to reap the rewards of his hotel casino (which would change names three times and celebrate three different grand openings), before he was gunned down in his home in 1947, shortly after his hotel became the hit of the Las Vegas Strip.

To this day, slot machines continue to be a popular and profitable form of entertainment for many casino players, and a substantial source of revenue for most online and land casinos.

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