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Online roulette lessons

The spinning wheel, with fortunes gambled on red and black – where will it stop and which lucky player will see their money tripled – or better? This is the thrill of Roulette, one of the most loved and most played games in the casino.

Always wanted to play Roulette but don’t know how? This is your guide to learning the ropes, with a brief online Roulette tutorial to get you started.

The basics of Roulette are so simple, you probably know them already. Players place a bet on where the ball will land, choosing either a number bet or a colour bet – red or black. The actual bet layouts may seem complicated, but all they do is enable a player to bet on a range of numbers with one wager. Special bet areas such as Odd/Even and 1st 12 simply cover the numbers they describe.

The more numbers you cover, the less your bet will pay out, to balance the lesser risk. Payouts range from 1:1 one to 53:1. Most online Roulette games have a breakdown of all these bets and their payout odds in the rules section of the casino. Take a look – then start playing and winning!