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Place your bets...

It seems like no matter where you click on the Roulette table, a bet is placed. How exactly do you place your bets correctly? This simple guide to Roulette betting will get you started.

To place a split bet on two numbers, click the line that separates the two. Place your chip on the intersection of four squares to make a Corner bet. A Street bet covers three numbers in one row, by placing your chip on the edge of the row. There is only one Five Number bet in Roulette, covering 00, 0, 1, 2 and 3. To make this bet, place your chip at the intersection of 0 and 1.

These are all ‘inside bets’, because you place your chips inside the rows and columns of numbers on the table. The other bets are ‘outside bets’, where chips are placed in the other betting boxes on the table.

A column bet is a wager on one of the three vertical columns, placing the chip in the box at the end of the column. A Dozen bet covers 12 numbers – the boxes for this bet are along the side of the rows. Even Money Bets cover half of the 36 numbers on the Roulette table and take the form of Odd/Even, Red/Black and First 18/Second 18.

You must play the table minimum at least on each outside bet; on inside roulette betting the total of your bets must meet the table minimum.