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Play faster...

Great news for slot machine players – new features built into our latest casino software make your slot game play faster and more exciting! Expert Mode in a collection of features in our new casino software versions that help players play smarter and faster. As slot machine play makes up a large portion of the casino activity, we ensured you weren’t left out!

We asked our slots players what they wanted most, and the response was overwhelming – they all wanted faster game play. So, due to popular demand, we introduce the following features, available on any slot machine in our new Viper software.

The QuickSpin feature makes the slot reels spin faster, meaning you have less of a delay between your spin and seeing the results. If even that isn’t fast enough for you, try the Spin 5X / Spin 10X features. This feature makes the slot machine automatically play a set number of spins, 5 or 10, without you having to continuously click the Spin button. The AutoPlay feature takes this to the next level, enabling you to automatically play any number of consecutive spins without having to click a single button on the slot machine.

Slot gaming has never been so fast – or so much fun!