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Slot tournament strategy

The first golden rule is – read the promotion carefully! Then read it again… and maybe once more just to be sure. You need to clearly understand the details of the Slot Tournament, specifically what you must do to qualify, when you can compete and what play counts toward your tournament score. Play may be limited to certain games or particular times – so don’t miss this vital information!

The primary strategy in a tournament situation is to get as much play in as possible during the tournament timeframe. To do this, you may want to look at ways to play faster – such as using the advanced features like AutoPlay and QuickSpin to get those slot reels spinning at more revolutions per minute.

Of course, you should absolutely always be playing the maximum number of coins allowed on the slot game, as this will increase your active paylines and therefore your winnings. Bonus Features are fun, but you shouldn’t spend too much time over them in a tournament situation as the time pressure is on. If the opportunity exists to double or triple your win, go for it! Don’t spend hours agonising over your choice.

But above all, the number 1 winning slot tournament strategy is to play fast, stay focused and have fun!