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Slots go digital

The very first slot machine ever made – the Liberty Bell – weighed an incredible amount, made out of solid cast iron. The reels were few, and the symbols simple… but lady Liberty set off an evolutionary path that continues today, as the humble slot machine gets better and smarter every year!

The clunky Liberty Bell soon gave way to sleeker slot machine versions with lighter metals and plastics, offering more exciting graphics to entice the players. The basic inside workings were still the same. A complicated clockwork mechanism controlled the random spinning of the reels, determining whether you won or lost. This was an effective mechanism, but it had to be checked and recalibrated regularly.

When computer chips started getting smaller and smarter, they became the future of the slot industry. They incorporated chips into the slot machine as random number generators that randomly and reliably controlled the reels. These new digital machines also offered better graphics and sounds, changing the lost experience forever.

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on inside the mind of the digital slot machine, now you know. Rest assured that not only does a digital machines offer richer game play, but they are also more fair and reliable than clockwork!