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Slots strategy

Slot games may seem to be the simplest in the casino, but they also require some basic understanding of strategy to help you win more money, more often.

There are two variables that influence the size of your bet and your winnings. These are your coin denomination and the number of coins you put into the slot machine.

The denomination is entirely up to you. Using bigger coins will give you bigger payouts. Remember, the payouts listed in the slot gameís payout table are always in coins, i.e. they will pay in whatever coin size you were playing when you hit the jackpot - and 1000 $1 coins is definitely a better prize than 1000 10c coins. Choose a slot that has a range of coin denominations that suits you, and youíll enjoy more game play.

The number of coins is an important strategic variable and the rule is very simple. Always play at the maximum number of coins! Each coin enables another payline, so anything less than the maximum may mean that you get those jackpot symbols all lined up, but you donít get paid out!

These extremely simple strategy rules can make the difference between a winning slot experience and a disappointing streak. We wish you many happy payouts!