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Something for everyone

Ever get that feeling of déjà vu? Playing one slot and getting the feeling that the payouts and rules are very similar to another one of your favorites? You might just be right - you may be playing a clone!

Often, casino developers will take a popular slot and produce it with different themes to appeal to different groups of players. This is because players love variety and what appeals to you might not be any fun for someone else…

For example, the Secret Admirer slot was an instant hit with our lady players, with its romantic theme and sweet graphics. It really was love at first sight, not to mention hours of great gaming fun!

To replicate that enjoyment for our more macho players, we had to think about a theme that would appeal to the men in the casino, but backed up with the same winning formula. That’s how we came to develop the ‘Good to Go’ slot, themed with thrilling Formula 1 graphics and sounds. Being a video slot, the graphics and sounds are a big part of the enjoyment – the sleek cars, checkered flags and authentic racetrack ambiance. Try it for yourself, and you might just become its latest secret admirer!