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Spoiled for choice

When you first play at a new casino, the choice of sometimes hundreds of games is incredible. But soon enough, everyone finds their own favourite casino game.

Many casinos have a lobby that shows you a list of games when you log. You’ll see a list of your personal casino game favourites to make it fast and easy for you to find them again. But don’t just stick to your favourites all the time – the casino lobby will also often show casino game recommendations, based on your favourites.

These are games with similar rules, reels and payouts – but with exciting features and different designs! Try something new – you might find a bigger jackpot, more fun graphics, or bet limits that suit you even better than your favourite. They say a change is as good as a holiday and with over a hundred games in the casino, you can go on vacation every day!

The casinos are constantly working on exciting new games offerings – and the games and graphics are getting bigger and better all the time! For example, new slot games often have a greater range of bet sizes, and many of them have fun bonus features where you stand to multiply your winnings. So be sure to try out a new casino game when it’s launched.