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Technology brings gaming home

Ten years ago, no-one would have imagined a casino in your very own lounge. Now, thanks to changes in communications technology and computing power, you can hook up to your favourite online casino from the privacy of your home, your office, or even while waiting for a plane!

Technology changes our worlds in many ways, and never more rapidly than in the past 20 years. Personal computers got smaller and more powerful as microchip technology advanced. The Internet exploded the world of communications, linking computers all over the world into the most powerful network imaginable. And the online casino industry was born.

Now, instead of players having to go to Vegas to enjoy the bright lights and big winnings, Vegas could come to the players! Using the Internet and some clever online casino software, players connected to the casino from all over the world, and soon millions of winners were being made online.

All this technology makes online casino gaming easy, fast and fun. A glitzy, exciting Vegas experience right on your desktop – letting you connect to the online casino and play from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day. Now that’s great technology.

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