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The oldest casino game in town

Did you know… that Roulette is the oldest casino game in existence today? In fact, it’s almost as old as the wheel itself! History tells us that the Romans invented gambling games involving spinning wheels – early versions of the Wheel of Fortune perhaps!

The actual casino game version of Roulette was invented in the 1600s by a French mathematician and casinos have been spinning their wheels ever since. The roulette table is always one of the most popular games in the casino, with crowds of players gathering round the spinning wheel.

Today, players can choose between American and European versions of the casino game. The difference is slight, an extra 00 number on the American version. Players can place the simplest of bets – red or black – or build up complex bet layouts with number spreads. Progressive jackpots make the game even more exciting at many online casinos.

If you haven’t tried this classic casino game yet, it’s high time you did. After allm the game has been around for over 400 years! If you’re not familiar with the rules and betting options, don’t let that stop you. Read the Roulette tutorial in your favourite online casino software or website, and give it a spin.