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The VIP Casino Life…

The top players at any casino become part of an elite club. VIPs are rewarded for their loyalty with the best treatment and their status as a valued player.

These Very Important Players are wined and dined by casino executives, offered the best promotions and often even enjoy personalised support and offers. The biggest tournaments, the most exciting special events and the greatest gaming thrills are theirs.

How do you become part of this exclusive club? Different casinos have different ways of selecting their VIP players but these basic tips should have you on the fast track to VIP status in no time!

VIP status is all about rewarding loyalty… so don’t spread your gaming around at too many casinos. Play often, play regularly and play to win! VIPs are winners who are seen around the casino often. If you’re close to earning your VIP stripes, your casino host will probably contact you to let you know what you need to do to make it into the club. It’s your ticket to the big time, baby!

Limos, personalised offers and red-carpet treatment every time you visit the casino. Who wouldn’t want that? The VIP life is yours for the taking!

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