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Tips from the casino insider

When you’ve played at a couple of online casinos, you start to learn the ins and outs of how they operate. Whether you’re looking for free casino chips or just some friendly advice, the casino insider track has what you need!

Almost all online casinos are on the level, since they are dependant on their licensing bodies and software providers to stay in business, and these stakeholders keep a close eye on things. But unfortunately there are a few back-room scammers in any industry. Your free casino insider Tip #1 is to choose an established, reputable casino and check for a major licensing body.

Tip #2: when you purchase casino chips, don’t buy $10 at a time. Firstly, you’re probably paying more transaction charges than you need to and secondly, casinos will build offers around your average purchase – so you’ll get free casino chip offers geared to $10 purchases instead of $100. Rather purchase less often, in larger amounts.

Tip #3: If you’re playing in Guest mode with free casino credits, it won’t be long before you’re offered great bonuses to convert to Real play. If you do play for Real, you also want to keep a secondary free casino Guest account, to play for fun and try out new games without risk.