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Viva Las Vegas

Las Vegas - the casino gaming capital of the USA, and America’s playground. This glittering jewel in the Nevada desert has been the heart of the gaming industry for decades… but it wasn’t always that way.

The glitzy casinos of today grow out of the history of this fine country. After independence, the new American government legalised gambling as a way to generate money to begin building a new nation. To this day, the casino gaming industry is a large contributor to the national economy, making up a large portion of our tourism revenue.

Things got a little out of hand in the frontier days, resulting in the state of Nevada making gambling illegal until 1910. But between 1910 and 1931, the newly legal casino gaming industry began to grow into the multi-million dollar industry we know today. Las Vegas came onto the map as the casino gaming capital, largely thanks to the efforts of early pioneers like Bugsy Siegal, considered by many to be the father of Vegas.

In the Roaring Forties, Vegas was the city of sin – but since then, the city has cleaned up its image to become a family-friendly playground. But on thing hasn’t changed: what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!