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Top Online Casinos in the Netherlands – Optimize your luck

We welcome you to thegambledoctor. I am Bernie, and below is my guide on online casinos in the Netherlands. This guide aims to boost your luck by offering you the best bonus offerings and essential information on the Netherlands’ online casinos.

In updating this guide, my team and I continuously carry out tests on new online casinos to certify their authenticity and trustworthiness. So this guide is a summary of the findings and experience garnered from these tests.

This guide is specifically useful for people who want to learn about a casino before signing up with the casinos. The reviews in this guide provide you with a lot of information about each casino. You can read it up, compare casinos, and choose an option that you feel is best for you.

Note that all online casinos mentioned in this article are a hundred percent licensed and safe. The site is also up to date, so there is no obsolete information. So enjoy as you read through.

You can use this guide’s information on the following to know which online casino to play.
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thegambledoctor by the numbers was developed towards the end of the year 2016. Since its inception, the site has evolved and grown immensely into a multi-national platform. This online multi-national casino site now helps players to boost their luck globally. Here are some key figures to give you a synopsis of our dimension.

icon 300.000+ Monthly visitors
icon 10.000+ Facebook likes
icon 2.000+ Casino reviews
icon 10.000+ Hours of research

Don’t Simply Believe What We Say

Our primary goal is to provide you and other players with clear information on the online casinos we test and examine, both new and old. So when we write about an offer of a casino bonus, we ensure that we present all the vital info and conditions attached to the bonuses. This helps players to enhance their good fortune in the best way possible.

Below are some of the reviews by players who go with the options on thegambledoctor:

bernie looking

"I like the list of casinos on the site because they allow me to see the wagering requirements directly. I can also see whether a casino offers my favorite payment option. Overall, I think that thegambledoctor is excellent."


"I love the customized lists for various bonuses displayed on thegambledoctor. This list helps me find the top bonuses (no wagering, no deposit, or free spins) and choose the one that suits me better."


"I always peruse through reviews on thegambledoctor before I sign up for any casino. This is to enable me to get all the required information in a concise form. I love that all info and reviews on are transparent and clear about the real merits and demerits of the casinos listed."


bonus calculator

We Help You to Find the Best Bonus – Bonus Calculator

There is a bonus calculator created by Casino Bernie that helps you to look out for the top bonuses available. This calculator is straightforward to use; all you need to do is input your intended deposit amount. The calculator will automatically calculate the number of games you can play with that deposit in different casinos.

Strategies We Use for Our Online Casinos Rating

Strategies We Use for Our Online Casinos Rating

It is often challenging to appraise a casino site's quality, considering the tons of online casinos available. That is why we test each casino to give you an excellent overview.

There are many factors we consider when we test these online casinos. Before we can rate a casino as a reliable gambling site, such casinos must have shown nationwide delivery evidence in many areas.

These areas include but are not limited to game selection, license and regulation, and customer service.

Make Full Use Of Our Expertise

We have been in this casino business for several years, actively practicing in the field. Thus, we have gathered a lot of experience, which has made us better over the years. That is why we can boast of being an expert.

Our primary objective is to use the knowledge we have gathered to assist our players in making abreast decisions. We help players to look out for the essential tenets in the bonus condition and terms. This allows us to find out if it is a fake bonus or an excellent bonus.

Our area of expertise also includes knowledge of factors responsible for secure and safe online casinos. So, we ensure that we recommend to our players only sites that are trustworthy.

Last-Minute Bonuses

We acknowledge that most players are always on the lookout for the best bonuses available. However, there are several changes to bonuses nowadays, making it hard to know which bonuses to claim before they go off.

So we have created a list of bonuses for you, including last-minute bonuses. Have a look at them before it’s late!

Make The Right Choice and Boost Your Luck

Our core values are fun, quality, and transparency. This is seen in all our information and expert advice on online casinos. We aim to provide players with unbiased information regarding online casinos and bonus offers. This will help them understand the benefits and drawbacks of gambling. What’s more, we always make certain that the online casinos we recommend to you are safe and of high quality. This means you don’t have to bother yourself with the factors above any longer. All you need do is read through carefully, have fun and enjoy.

About Us

thegambledoctorn casino guide has been mentioned in over 500 publications, including:

Frequently asked questions about Online Casinos

Simply reading our guides and reviews can be a great way to boost your luck. Look closely at our casino bonus lists or utilize the bonus calculator because you can determine the bonus offer that is best for you. We have answered most of these questions earlier in the article. But let's look at a few more frequently asked questions.

How do You Test Online Casinos?

When Bernie runs tests on online casinos and writes his reviews, he finds out if the casino has regulatory authority or license. He also looks out for the kind of games, bonuses, live casinos, and payment methods it provides. Also, he checks if the casino is accessible on mobile devices and offers amazing customer service, and if the casino is easy to navigate and properly designed.

How Do You Evaluate the Quality of An Online Casino Bonus?

To evaluate the quality of bonuses offered by a casino, we extensively go through the terms and conditions. Also, we check out the wagering requirements, payment conditions, minimum deposit, payment conditions, and if the offer can only work for a particular game.

Are Online Casinos Safe?

Some casinos are safe, while some are not. But rest assured that all the casinos you find on our site are safe and secure.

Where Can I Find New Online Casinos?

We update our casino list from time to time. Click on the 'new casinos' option to find a list of new casinos and the deals they offer.

Where Can I Locate No Deposit Bonuses, Free Spins, And No Wagering Bonuses?

Find your way to our "Casino Bonus" section. Here, you can find articles about various types of bonuses—some of these range from no deposit, free spins, no wagering, and many more. Have a look, and locate the ideal bonus for you.


Why I love online casino

My friends often ask me “Bernie, why is it you love online casinos so much?”.

In the beginning, I did not really know why but I have been giving it lots of thought.

I think I have found all the reasons why I enjoy playing online casino so much.

The reasons are:

casino bernie

I think slots are great fun!

There are so many great online slots today. I can always find an exciting new game to play and if I’m feeling a bit down that will always cheer me up.

I don’t always win but that is not all that matters for me. The games can still be so entertaining that I even forget to do the dishes and mow the lawn because I’m so entertained playing online casino! Isn’t that crazy!?

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I sometimes win

It can be so exciting to play online casinos because you may win some prizes or a bit of money.

If I’m being completely honest I also lose money playing online casino and it can be costly if you don’t play responsibly (which I always do!).

But I just can’t stop thinking about winning the big jackpots.

It may never happen but as I have always said: If you don’t play online casino at all, then you don’t give yourself the chance to win at all!

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online casino

I can play anywhere

For an active guy like myself, it is important that I can play online casino anywhere I want to. That’s why I believe mobile casino is a great invention.

I can play in the garden, I can play on the beach, or I can play when I’m waiting for the bus.

It gives me great freedom and it feels great having all the fantastic games in your pocket all the time!

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I like playing live casino

You may think that I am simply just “Good old Bernie” and that I prefer tractors and farming over suits, ties and cocktail parties. Well, think again!

I love taking the missus out to town and being the perfect gentleman at the local casino.

However, the nearest town is so far away so it’s much easier getting the same entertainment on the new fancy “live casinos” online.

With live casino you can sit around the blackjack table from your home with live streaming directly from the physical casino. It’s almost like being there in real life!

My girlfriend and I sometimes put on our nicest outfits and take a night on a live casino. We have some of our best memories from that!

You really should try it, my friend!

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casino bernie

I love testing new casinos

When I started I couldn’t have imagined how many different online casinos there are.

Luckily, I still really love testing new casinos and deciding which of the casinos that are good enough to feature on my site.

If you want to see my list of chosen casinos you can find it if you just scroll up to the top of the page again!

It’s super easy!

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Click here to follow my adventures!

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Choosing the best Online Casinos

Online casinos allow you to play games like you would in a land-based casino. However, the major distinction is that you play online. This could be via a PC, tablet, or smartphone. You can play a range of games like slots, table games, and live dealer options. However, there are tons of online casinos in existence today, and it can make it extremely exhausting for one to choose the best. The tips below can help. As stated earlier, it can be tricky to choose the best online casino platform to play. This is the case for both experienced and new players. But there are a few things to consider before you sign up in an online casino: The best online casino websites have fully functional websites. Before you choose an online casino to play, ensure the website is fast and responsive. The user interface should also be friendly, and you should have no problems finding your way around. It can be a frustrating experience playing in an online casino that is complex to navigate. Moreover, any online casino you choose should have licenses from the right regulatory bodies. These bodies will ensure the online casino remains in line, and you don't fall into the hands of fraudulent platforms. A few reliable authorities include the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission. In addition to this, the online casino should have a license to operate in the country you reside in. This will make certain you don't get in trouble with the law. Lastly, payment options are important. Your goal of playing in an online casino is to have fun and win some money. At least, this is the case for most people. This means any online casino you want to play must have seamless options for deposits and withdrawals. They should work with popular processors like Neteller, Visa, MasterCard, etc. Having a variety of payment options to choose from can improve your overall gambling experience.

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