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Best Bingo Sites – Bernie’s list of trusted online bingo sites.

There are a countless number of online casino games out there, and more are being created. Bingo is one of such amazing casino games. Most players would agree that it is one of the best casino games they have ever played. With the advances in technology, online bingo games have also proved that fact. Bingo games have lots of players, both online and offline.

With bingo games, your casino experience is taken to a whole new level. Playing online Bingo is incredible. With your smartphone and a good internet connection, you can simply visit bingo sites or preferably download the app on your phone. Free Bingo is available for new players to get acquainted with the game.

Playing live bingo games would introduce you to new friends compared to when you play free bingo games at some of the online bingo sites but may not be as convenient. Bingo online makes life easy, browse for the bingo sites or check out new bingo sites, and commence play. With consistent playing, you can become the best online bingo player.

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Top bingo sites in 2024

Bingo Rules

For professional players, the rules of engagement would not be strange to them. But for new players, it is normal for them to enquire about bingo rules. Each casino games have their own rules. Sometimes, these rules can be similar, but mostly they are not. However, it is important always to know the rules that guide each game before you play. new players can get tips from

I, Bernie, would see that you are acquainted with the rules. But if you are an old player, and you know these rules already, you can simply go straight to play a game by signing up first. If you are playing Bingo online, you would need some cards. These cards are not free, and you would have to purchase them. After the purchase, the software randomly selects them for you.

Although these cards are randomly selected, there can be exchanged if you don’t like what you were being served. For the online game, we usually have a caller and a bingo board. The caller’s duty would be to call Bingo after you win. The bingo board shows numbers, from which you could select from, game patterns are also available to select.

Most bingo online games sites are automatically programmed. So, the call of Bingo is practically done by the system. Also, you can decide to do your thing manually. The bingo numbers you picked are triggered. They depend on the rules, either US standard or European. For the UK, the possible range is 75 to 90 bingo numbers.

Now, you would mark numbers manually or automatically based on what appears on your card, even though you hit a bingo. However, Bernie would guide new players to make use of the auto-daub mode. That is preferable, seeing that they are new to the game.Bingo Rules

The variety in online bingo games

The beautiful thing about online bingo games is that they are so many varieties. This allows players to choose the variant they prefer. This makes the game beautiful, fun and exciting to play. These variations are not necessarily difficult to play; they present better, viable options for players to win.

These variants are quite different from one another. Although they sometimes share the same rules. 75 ball variant has a grid of 5 x 5 having 24 numbers, and the 90-ball has 3 rows and 9 columns. The 36 ball happens to be the best choice for bingo players. 80 ball is mostly for online players.

36 balls

This variant is known to be the best among others. For a fast lane game., it could be played on the virtual Fusion Network. The game is quite easy to work with, and the player has 12 numbers to match. For the 36-ball game, a full house and progressive is what you have.

75 ball

Here, unlike other variants, you make use of balls between 1 and 75 for this game. The first winners are those who have a full row of numbers matched with the ones they have in their card. The card for this game is a 5 by 5 grid having 25 squares.

80 ball

The 80 balls were created mainly for online users. A complete row would be marked off before a player can be said to win. Just like the 75 balls, every column is with a number range. The 80-ball variant uses a 4 by 4 card.

90 ball

This is a big game, with numbers, depth and popularity. It is the world’s most popular type of bingo game. There are 90 numbers which are displayed randomly in 9 columns. 5 numbers for 3 rows making a total of 15 numbers on each of the card.

Guide: How to play Bingo?

Players of all ages can attempt the bingo game. It is a simple and exciting game to play. Usually, for new players, it is best to perform a trial version online for real money. When you have mastered the art, you can play for real money. Below is a guide to follow so you can make a big hit playing the Bingo.
Estimated time needed: 00:08 Tools needed: bingo card Supply needed: Numbers
Guide: How to play Bingo?
Getting the bingo card Purchase your bingo card having its unique number and get ready for great excitement. Step 1
Guide: How to play Bingo?
Pay attention to the numbers and fill your card Pay attention to the selected numbers drawn at the bingo game, take your bingo card, and mark them. For starters, they would be excited and also intense at the same time. Step 2
Shout Bingo! Now, when the numbers called tallies with the numbers on your bingo card, you are required to shout Bingo. This announces that you are the winner. You can rejoice excessively, it is normal. Step 3

Bingo Bonuses

The various variant of online bingo games has their different offers. It is very possible for an offer not to sit right with you that not an issue simply move to pass it. You can go over other bonuses before you play, to get the best of the best bonus plan. The goal of playing online bingo games, despite the fun, is to win the cash price. This is the primary reason.

Bonuses are incentives that are used by the casino to attract new players and also keep an old player. Always sort out for bingo sites where you would get the best bonus offer. Going through reviews would guide you in selecting a bingo game or bingo site. Bonuses have guidelines. These must be adhered to before you win delivered to you by the casino.

There are several bonuses:

Bingo games have several incredible bonuses. Bingo sites keep up enticing and encouraging their players with these bonuses. These offers present every player with the opportunity to win up to $10,000 at a go. You can play these bonuses at any time and your convenience.

No deposit bingo bonus

Here, you don’t have to deposit before you can play at a bingo site. No buying of tickets for that particular time. Every site has a unique way of handling this bonus. Every new player is rewarded with this bonus offer.

No deposit bingo bonus

Deposit much bonus

This bonus offer is quite different from the no deposit bingo bonus. Here, need to deposit to unlock the offer. Subsequent deposits would unlock more offers.

Free games

This is quite simple, free games for regular site players. They come in various shapes and sizes. You might come across one with a large prize pool, although they are sometimes reserved for big money players. However, most free games are open to all.

Spin the wheel

This is a recent innovation added to the numerous bingo bonus, and it is available to both newbies and old players. Bingo sites have various ways through which they handle this offer.

Reload bonus offers

Here, you are rewarded for making more deposits. They are ongoing bonuses. Reload bonuses could be daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on the site’s policy. You need to reach a certain deposit before you can be qualified for the reload bonus.

  1. 83
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  2. 90
    casiplay With Deposit 800 € + 100 Free Spins Play here Read the review Terms and Conditions
  3. 82
    slothino logo With Deposit 450 € + 150 Free Spins Play here Read the review Terms and Conditions
  4. 95
    mrgreen-logo With Deposit 100 € + 450 Free Spins Play here Read the review Terms and Conditions

Increase your winnings and get prices

players have no control over the numbers that are drawn. However, certain steps could raise your chances of winning. These include:

  • Purchase extra bingo cards
  • Best time to play is when you have few players online
  • Get to know other players
  • Apply the Granville strategy
  • Make use of the Tippet bingo strategy

These tips would increase your chances of getting the price.

Is online bingo safe to play?

For online games, safety is paramount. Playing at a regulated bingo casino ensures your safety. Always, play with a licenced casino site with bingo no deposit. You would notice the difference.

This is one of the most asked questions about online games, especially with the advances of the online casino. Online Bingo is safe. Although certain precautions would guarantee your safety.

One of such is making sure that the bingo site has a gaming licence. A licence implies that such sites have a safe and secured system that guarantees that players do not lose their money to the wrong hands.

Find your favourite online bingo site today

Choosing the right online bingo site can be very tricky. We understand this and that’s why we have carefully included only the best and most reliable sites for you on Bernie list.

Safety is one aspect that should be seriously considered. These sites have been licenced, and that is one factor we kept in mind before putting them in our list.

What holding you back? They’re so much to accomplish. Bernie’s list would help you find incredible bongo site to sign up.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about Bingo

How do you play Bingo?

You can play bingo game online and also at a live casino. For the best online sites, kindly check out this site.

What is the difference between normal and online Bingo?

Online and normal Bingo is different in some aspects. For online bingo game, you need a mobile device or desktop with a good internet connection. On the other hand, for the normal bingo game, you need to be present at the casino

What is the best online bingo site?

We have here, using our experience and expertise to bring you the best online bingo sites. These are: • TwoFat ladies • The Sun Bingo • Dear Bingo • Ladbrokes Bingo • 888 Ladies • Blighty Bingo • Bounce Bingo • Coral Bingo • Mighty Jackpots • Dabber • Foxy Bingo • Gala Bingo • Jaale Casino • Dinky Bingo • Takeaway Slots

How many numbers are in Bingo?

Usually, numbers between 1 through to 75 are utilized by a bingo game. The centre space is filed automatically. The column present on the card is used to limit the numbers on the card. Figure 1 to 15 are found in the “B” column, 16 o 30 is included in the”I” column. “N” column contains number 31 to 45, “G” includes 46 to 60 and “O” contains 61 to 75.

Where can I play free Bingo?

Perhaps, you are a fresh bingo player, and you have not yet know your way around the bingo game. Various online sites are available for you to play free Bingo. Simply, log on to their website, sign up and play free Bingo.

Can I choose my bingo caller?

There are several call sequences. There is no definite way. Also., the bingo caller would not send the calls to the player, the players can make the call as he or she chooses. Players can call through Facebook live, zoom, email or WhatsApp.

Where do I find the best bingo sites?

The best online bingo sites are available at your fingertip. There are available for games round the clock. Simply, log on to a place like: • RobinHood Bingo • Two Fat Ladies • Sun Bingo • Dear Bingo • Ladbrokes Bingo • 888 Ladies

Is online Bingo a con?

Online bingo sites are genuine. Although, you can find one or more sites that are not licensed and as such run into challenges handling bingo games. These few sites try to paint and give the rest a bad reputation. However, online Bingo is not a con, and it is legal and approved.

Can I get extra bingo offers?

This is not definite. These can only be answered by the casino you choose to play at. Some casinos offer bonus bingo offers, very few don’t. However, there have various suggestions for every player. For instance, some casinos can combine one or more offers, while some do not combine offers.

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