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Best online roulette casinos in 2024 – Bernie’s list of trusted roulette sites

Hello, friend! Welcome to my website. I’m Bernie, your number one online casino guide. Today, I’ll walk you through the game of roulette and help you discover the thrills that await you on the roulette wheel. Roulette is one of the most popular games played at an online casino. It is a game known for its simplicity, big payouts and entertainment value. To help you excel in this game, I’ll explain everything you need to know about roulette, ranging from its rules, strategies and techniques. I’ve also added a long list of the best online roulette casinos to aid your gambling journey. Follow my lead, friend, and soon enough, you will have all the necessary information you need to play online roulette. Read more

Bernie’s favourites: Top 10 roulettes 2024

Brief history of roulette

How about a brief history lesson about roulette, eh? It’s never a bad idea to learn about the origins of roulette before playing. The origins of roulette are shrouded in mystery. There are claims that the game originated from China, while others believe it came from Ancient Rome. But according to most sources, roulette was created by a French inventor, Blaise Pascal in the 17th century. What started out as a science invention slowly turned out to be one of the greatest casino games enjoyed by millions today.

The red and black game enjoyed great acceptance all over Europe at that time. Soon enough, it found its way to the United States in the 19th century, where it was received with open arms. The Americans went ahead to innovate the game with the addition of a green pocket to the wheel. This gave birth to the two major types of roulette; European Roulette and American Roulette, that have become the favourites of punters. The roulette wheel is now regarded as a very vital and integral aspect of the casino world, and in effect, it has earned an iconic status.

Best online roulette casinos in 2024 - Bernie’s list of trusted roulette sites

Roulette Rules: The basics

The fact that the game of roulette dates as far back as the 17th century may give you the impression that roulette is a complicated game. However, that’s not true. The rules of roulette are pretty easy to understand. In a game of roulette, you have a wheel that features red and black slots numbering 1 to 36, and also one or two green slots, depending on the roulette table you’re playing on.

The European roulette table has one green slot, while the American table has two green slots. To win a roulette match, the dealer would drop a ball unto a fast-spinning wheel and your job is to guess a number you think the ball would land on. If the ball stops at the number you predicted, the game has ended in your favour. That’s basically the whole idea of the game. It’s not so hard to understand, right?

Playing Online roulette: The good and the bad

Roulette is a very exciting casino game to play. It involves players placing their bets and then watching a wheel spin, eagerly waiting for it to stop in order to know where the ball will land. The game of roulette is one of the pillars of the casino world. It has made many casino establishments rich, as well as countless numbers of players. But like everything that has an advantage, there are pitfalls as well and the game of roulette is not immune to such. Let's find out the benefits and shortcomings of this exciting casino game, shall we?



  • Multiple betting options
  • High winning odds
  • Available both online and offline
  • Very easy to play


  • Highly addictive
  • Completely random
  • Terrible house edge
  • Lack of good wheels

Betting options for online roulette

If you are wondering about the betting options that you can use on the best online roulette table, then get ready to be blown away because they are numerous. Here is one hint for you; if you can spread out your bets on different numbers, you’re more likely to win. However, some players choose to place a big bet on a particular number with the hope of getting lucky.

Roulette online also allows players to split their bet between multiple numbers. This is done by placing it on the intersections and line of the grid. Listed below are some betting options available for online roulette:

Inside bets

Every roulette player seeks for the best payouts at the end of the day and with inside bets, your potential returns look pretty good. However, this will not come cheap. Inside bets are more difficult to win because of the extremely specific nature of your predictions. Inside bets require you to either make bets on a single number or a small group of numbers. This is way more challenging than the usual bet on general categories like red orblack.

Straight /Single: Making bets on a single number is the bet with the lowest chance of winning. It only has 2.7% and 2.63% chances of success in European roulette and American roulette, respectively. Notwithstanding, it comes with an appealing 35:1 bet payout.

Street: This type of bet is also known as line bet. This is because it covers a single line or row. The payout for these three number wager is 11:1. The possibility of landing a win is 8.11% for European roulette and 7.89% for American tables.

Corner / Square: This bet pays 8:1. To make this bet, simply place a chip in a position that will touch the four corners of the numbers you wish to bet on.

Basket: Here, you're allowed to bet on five numbers - 1, 2, 3, double zero, and zero. It pays out 6:1. Its house edge is 7.89%. It is only available on American roulette tables.

Six Line: This bet is carried out on two adjacent lines of three numbers each, which comes to a total of six numbers. To make this bet, place chips at the intersection separating the two lines on the board. Its payout is 5:1.

Trio: This special type of inside bet involves the green pockets found on the American roulette wheel. A trio bet occurs when a player makes bets on three numbers; zero or double zero and any number that directly adjoins them.Betting options for online roulette

Outside bets

Outside bets is the playground of categories. Betting on categories is less risky and therefore, one should expect its payouts to be lower than inside bets.

Red or Black: In this bet, the player predicts what the colour of the number will be. Whether it will be red or black. In the event of a correct pick, the payout is 1:1.

Odd or Even: The player predicts the nature of the number, whether it will be odd or even. If your prediction turns out to be true, the payout is 1:1.

Columns: This is similar to a dozen bet. Here, the player can use a single chip to cover 12 numbers. This time, the numbers are arranged in columns and they run vertically across the board. A correct pick attracts a payout of 2:1.

Dozens: Here, you can place your bet on a group of 12 numbers. This can take place either in the first, second or third section of the board. Payout is 2:1.

Roulette announced / called bets:

If you are well versed in online casino roulette, you must have come across some special bets, also known as French bets. For the benefit of punters who know nothing about them, we shall take a brief glance at them below:

Neighbours / Voisins: This bet consists of 17 numbers located on either side of zero. The winning number combinations will determine what the payout should be. A payout of 17:1 is the maximum in this bet.

Orphans / Orphelins: This bet deals with all the numbers that aren't covered by Voisins du zero such as 17, 34, 6 and 1, 20, 14, 31, 9. This is another mix of splits and straight-up bets, so the payouts are either 35:1 or 17:1.

Zero Game / Jeu Zéro: Here, the bet covers seven numbers found near to zero. For instance, 0/3, 12/15, 28 and 32/35. For the fact that this bet is a combination of straight-up bets and splits, the payouts are 17:1 or 35:1.
The rules of play are different in French Roulette and American Roulette. For example, in the game of French Roulette, the number 0 serves as a special number field, but in American Roulette, both 0 and 00 are used on their wheels, as well as their betting fields.

How to play & win online roulette

The ultimate goal of roulette online game is to make an accurate prediction and bet on the number that the ball will stop. The prediction takes effect when the ball comes to a standstill after spinning around the roulette wheel. In order to play online roulette game, follow these simple steps:
Estimated time needed: 00:08 Tools needed: MobilephoneDesktop Supply needed: InternetTime
How to play & win online roulette
Browse our list of recommended casinos To begin playing online roulette, you’ll need an online casino. For this reason, we’ve created a list of casinos with diverse variants of online roulette. Browse through the list and choose an online casino of your choice from our list of online casinos. Step 1
Make your Bet After choosing an online casino, you can now make your bet on the roulette table. The decision of which table to use is yours to make. The roulette table comes with different numbers and colours on the roulette wheel. As a player, you have the liberty to bet on a group of numbers, Single numbers, even or odd numbers, individual colours, and red or black. You can also cover the entire table with bets. Step 2
Press "Spin" After making your selection, press “spin” to start playing. Once you press spin, the roulette wheel will start spinning. Step 3
Await the result You have no control over the game at this point. All you can do is to wait and see what the outcome will be. Good luck! Step 4

Roulette Strategy, tips & tricks

Strategies have been part and parcel of games since time immemorial. In fact, there is no game without strategies, no matter how easy they may appear. The same can be said about online roulette gambling. If you have scoured the internet for gambling strategies at one point or another, it is important to note that not everything you find online is worth digesting.

The purported strategies can cause you more harm than good. In this section, the most common strategies for casino online roulette will be listed for you. All you need to do is go through them and decide what approach is the right one for you.


This betting strategy is very popular among roulette players. It involves doubling your bet whenever you experience a loss and halving it in the event of a win. The concept behind this strategy is this: When the player eventually wins, after doubling his bet, the win covers all the previous losses. On the other hand, halving your bet helps you to protect your winnings when you eventually lose. This ensures that you retain some winnings instead of losing everything at a go.


For many punters, this betting strategy is actually considered safe. Even though the use of this system will keep you on the safer side, it still has the potential to earn you some wins. Like most roulette strategies, Fibonacci strategy advises players to wager on only money bets such as black, red, even, odd or 1 to 18, or 19 to 36. The strategy follows a progressive betting template.

James Bond

The name of this strategy is not a coincidence; it was actually named after the British spy made famous by movies and literature. This strategy directs the player to cover two-thirds of the table with the inclusion of the zero. This strategy is to be used with a total amount of cash divided into three parts.James Bond

Reverse Martingale

Also known as Paroli, this betting system is actually a very old gambling strategy. Its action course is antithetical to the Martingale betting system. While Martingale encourages players to double their bet after a loss, this system says that bets should be doubled after each win. You start your bet with the lowest possible amount and keep on betting on the same thing until you win. When you win, double your bet size for the next spin.


This betting system is not an ordinary one. It involves a mathematical equation that was developed by the French mathematician, D’Alembert. This strategy requires players to make some addition and subtraction calculations. The player has to incrementally add and subtract from their bet amounts based on the results they obtain. In some quarters, the strategy is explained as a pyramid.


If you play online roulette with this strategy, you’ll discover that it shares a close resemblance with the Martingale system. Their similarity is actually in terms of progressive bets. However, their differences also stem from the same feature, in the sense that the progression is much slower in Labouchere. This system involves the selection of a set of numbers in a line which will be used to decide the amount to bet.

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Review: Types of roulette

Over the years, the game of roulette has undergone different phases of improvements. These improvements are aimed at making the game more competitive and exciting for players. The rise of online casinos helped to fast track things. Now, more than ever, there is an increase in roulette variants and possibly, there are more on the way.

Actually, this stems from the stiff competition ongoing between online casino software providers. All in a bid to attract the most customers, these games designers make newer versions of roulette. This is why as a player, you can find lots of roulette variants out there. Some of the major types of roulette include:

European Roulette

The European roulette is one of the major types of roulette table available. As a player, the key thing you need to know is that all your bets will be on the numbers 1 to 36. The game comes with only one green slot, which gives you a higher chance of winning compared to American roulette. It has a roulette wheel and a playing field which you can use to place your bets.

Live Dealer Roulette

The live dealer roulette version discards the use of the Random Number Generator, which punters have come to distrust. Also, Casino software safety is not a cause for concern anymore here. Punters can bet on a real wheel with a dealer, all from their homes. You can even discuss with your live dealer via your webcam. This variant adds the human element to the game of online roulette, a welcome replacement to the sometimes robotic, cold feel of spinning a virtual ball.

French Roulette

The French roulette is another popular type of roulette table used by most players. The rules of the game are pretty much similar to American roulette, however, there’s an added rule. This rule, referred to as La partage, provides a major advantage over other variations. According to this rule, if players make an even bet, and the ball lands on the zero, players only lose half of their initial bet.

American Roulette

The American roulette has an additional zero to the already existing zero in the roulette wheel and on the playing field. This makes winning on this variant a bit of a challenge and automatically ensures more profits for the casino. Everyone who plays American roulette must do so with their own colour chips and inform the croupier what their playing value is in advance.

Triple Zero

Not all casino games are worthy of play due to their high house edges because they benefit the casino to the detriment of the player. Triple Zero roulette, unfortunately, falls in this category. This variant is rare to come by and it features 39 pockets. They are made up of numbers 1-36, zero, double zero and triple zero. It has a 7.69% house edge.

English Roulette

This roulette variant uses the same wheel found on the French roulette. They also share a similar ball. However, there is a difference and it is in the number of players it can accommodate at once. Only 7 punters can play at a time. Specially coloured chips are presented to players which are to be used at the table where they were purchased from the croupier.

Mini Roulette

As its name suggests, this is a type of roulette game that comes with fewer numbers and a smaller wheel compared to the American and European variants of the game. The wheel of this roulette variant only includes 13 numbers (0-12). Its rules are modelled after that of European roulette.

Multi Ball Roulette

Are you tired of the classic form of roulette? Then get ready to enjoy a modern twist with the multi-ball roulette. This variant involves more than one ball. As a matter of fact, some versions of this game make use of 2, 3 or as much as 10 balls. Its table and wheel (red and black) look like that of the European Roulette. The game has just one zero pocket and a house edge of 2.7%.

Multi Wheel Roulette

Named after its gameplay, this roulette variant makes use of multiple wheels. If you have gained some experience in the game of roulette, you will not find this game difficult to understand and play. Basically, this game is all about predicting where the ball will land on the several roulette wheels present in the game.

Live roulette

Live roulette has changed the way roulette is played online. Live roulette is so amazing that it can instantly transport you to a real-life casino establishment from your home and you don’t even have to leave where you are seated. Through your laptop or mobile device, you can have a real croupier attend to you and spin the roulette wheel in real-time. Even if you have never been to a real casino, the live casino is designed in such a way you can hardly tell the difference when you eventually visit one.

You can also learn the game of roulette right there on your couch, thanks to the ever-ready dealers who will be glad to put you through. The live roulette can be played 24/7 and it has a good number of games to switch to when you get bored of playing a particular title. In online casinos, live roulette has lots of popular titles such as blaze live roulette, live lightning roulette, American live roulette, French live roulette, live double ball roulette and so much more.


Roulette Terms

Roulette is one of the easiest casino games you will ever come across. In spite of this, if you are not knowledgeable about its key terms, you might feel left out when reading about roulette or playing the game. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of the most important and common roulette terms you should know before playing:

Backtrack: This term refers to the outer, stationary rim of the roulette wheel that is used to spin the ball. Sometimes, it is also called the ball-track

Bottom track: This is the slanted, inner part of the roulette wheel which does not move when the roulette wheel is spun. The roulette ball makes use of the bottom track to slide down before bouncing into the wheel head and subsequently landing in a pocket.

Chameleon: This roulette term is actually a strategy where a player mimics the style of play of other players who are succeeding at the roulette table.

Chasing Loses: This is a betting strategy whereby a player keeps increasing the size of his bet in order to make a huge win that will cover all his previous losses.

Check rack: This is sometimes referred to as “chip rack” or “chop tray.” This term is the name of the tray that contains all the roulette chips.

Combination bet: This type of bet happens when a player makes use of one chip or more than one chip to place bets on two numbers or more.

Croupier: A croupier is a casino employee who is in charge of the game session at the roulette table. This employee also goes by another name, dealer. However, the use of “croupier” is more formal and accurate.

En prison: This is a French phrase that means “in prison.” This rule only carries weight in even-money wagers. When the result is zero, some online gambling sites will give the player the chance to collect half of his bet or allow it to remain “in prison” for the next spin. However, if after the next spin the result is still zero, then the entire wager is irrecoverable.

Even/odd: This is a bet that predicts that one of the numbers will be even or odd on the next spin. Examples of even bet and odd bet are 2, 6, 8, 10 and 3, 5, 7, 9, respectively.

High bet: Players who make this bet prediction believe that the next spin will hit between the numbers of 19 and 36. If the prediction comes out to be true, then its a win for the player.

Inside bet: This refers to all the bets that are carried out on the inside section of the roulette layout. This happens to be where the numbers are printed. Majorly, these bets are concerned with only small groups of numbers and individual numbers.

No action: This is called once while a spin is ongoing. When this happens, all bets are cancelled which prompts the casino to restart the action from the beginning. After no action is called, bets may be removed.

Marker: It is a device a croupier uses to denote the winning number at the end of every spin. Players are not allowed to place new bets unless the marker has been removed from the table by the croupier.

Martingale: A betting system where players are advised to double their bets after a loss and to keep at it until a win occurs. When there is a win, they should halve their bet to prevent much loss when a bet does not go as expected.

Mini Roulette: This is a variant of roulette available in some online gambling sites. This game has a smaller wheel and features just 13 numbers (0-12). Majority of mini roulette games will return half of all losses when the outcome of a spin is zero.

Outside bet: This includes bets that are made on the outside part of the roulette layout. The bet pays out at lower odds and also covers large sections of the roulette wheel. Bets in this category include odd/even or red/black (even-money bets).

Straight Up: This term is another way of calling the straight bet. It involves betting on a single number. Here the player makes his bet inside a number on the green. the payout is 35-1.

Split: This is a bet which covers two numbers that are adjacent to each other on the roulette layout. To make this bet, you will have to place chips on the intersection of two numbers. The payout of this bet is 17-1.

Tiers: This is a French expression that is commonly spoken in European casinos. It includes betting on a particular group of numbers found at a section of the roulette wheel. They are paired neighbours on the layout.

Double zero or 00: This is a feature only found on American roulette wheels. One way to identify the American roulette variant is to check if there is a space on the roulette wheel with the “00” mark. These wheels are sometimes referred to as “double zero” wheels.

Best online roulette for real money

Before an online roulette for real money can be said to be the best, it must meet certain requirements. First, it must be on an online casino site that has great customer support, fast payments and a good games selection. Second, online roulette should have a good number of bonuses that will complement your real money. These bonuses should not have impossible wagering requirements and should be able to boost your bankroll.

Third, the online roulette should come from reputable software providers. This means the providers must be licensed and ensure fair play in all their games. The most interesting thing is that we have already done all the hard work for you and we have checked the entire boxes as well. All you have to do is to browse through the list of best online roulette casinos for real money below and make a selection.

Free online roulette games

One benefit of online casinos over traditional casinos is the ability to play for free. No player can walk into a conventional casino to play roulette games without money. But online, it’s a sure thing. Playing free online roulette games will help you build your confidence for real money gaming sessions. You can practice all you want without spending a penny. This is also an opportunity to try out new casinos to ascertain if their software is good enough for you. In the process, you can also have a feel of their offered games and decide if they meet your gaming requirements. Some online casinos even allow you to play roulette games without needing to create an account. The games are available to you, simply click and start playing instantly.

Online roulette bonus

When you decide to sign up to a particular online casino to play roulette, your choice would be rewarded with loads of bonuses. One of such bonuses is the online roulette no deposit bonus. This bonus allows you to have access to the roulette games on the site and play them without any deposit in your casino account. However, if you are gifted a deposit bonus, it is still a good thing. After all, the online roulette no deposit bonus is not available at every online casino. Anyway, no matter the type of online roulette bonus you are given, it is basically free money that you can use to have a head start in your online roulette adventures.

Best online roulette casinos in 2024 - Bernie’s list of trusted roulette sites

Finding the best roulette game for you

If your game choice is based on quality, then you can be sure to find lots of them both on online and traditional casinos. Nevertheless, you have a better chance of finding the best roulette games in online-based venues. This is because European and French roulette games are mostly found in Europe. Since not everyone resides in Europe, such great games may be difficult to come by.But online casinos present a solution to this problem. With just your laptop or mobile device, you can easily access different roulette variants with the click of a button. In fact, certain software providers like RTG and Microgaming offer French roulette in many casinos. The European version is actually the easiest to find online.

Since the game of online roulette is all about odds, then the best roulette game for you should have great odds. Avoid variants with terrible house edges like Mini Roulette and Triple Zero Roulette, whose house edges are up to 7.69%.

If your reason for finding the best roulette game is to win, then we suggest that you go with online roulette, as this offers you a better chance at success. Go through our comprehensive list of trusted online casino sites to find the best roulette game for you. Due to the addictive nature of roulette, these sites have also created a responsible gambling page to ensure that no player fall victim to gambling addiction. Gamble wisely and stay safe. Have fun with your new-found games and may the odds favour you.

Frequently often asked questions about online roulette

How to win at roulette?

Winning at roulette is not so hard. All you need to do is guess the number the ball will land on. Once that happens, you will be rewarded with a prize. To have a better chance at winning, you can place multiple bets, but doing so will also increase your risk level.

How to play roulette strategies?

To play roulette strategies, you must first ensure that your bankroll is large enough. There are lots of strategies that can serve your roulette gameplay but before using any of them, decide the type of outcome you want. If you want a strategy that is less risky but at the same time rewarding, then go for the Fibonacci strategy. However, if you don't mind taking some losses with the hope of landing a big win, then the Martingale strategy would suit you just fine.

What is the best roulette strategy?

All the roulette strategies in existence are not without risks. Any strategy that promises to be the best should be avoided because the game of roulette is, at the end of the day, a game of luck. However, if you must adopt a strategy, endeavour to pay attention to the bets that have the best odds, no matter what the payout is.

Does the James Bond roulette strategy work?

Yes. This strategy has the ability to give you good winning odds. But it is a very expensive strategy and is not recommended for newbies who are just looking for minor wins. This strategy requires the player to make the following bets on every spin on the roulette wheel: €10 on the zero, €14 on the 19-36 box, €50 on the 13-18 box.

What is the best bet in roulette?

In the game of roulette, the even money bets are considered as the best bet. They include high/low, odd/even and red/black. Though they offer the lowest payouts, they promise the best of returns over the course of time. If a big win is your target, then pick a single number. If your bet is right, you will win over 30x your bet.

What number hits the most in roulette?

It is quite difficult to say which number hits the most in the game of roulette. The random number generator that is used in online roulette tables makes it impossible for a particular number to keep coming up. With the RNG, all numbers are given equal opportunity of being selected.

Are online roulette games rigged?

When you play at online casinos with no license, it is possible for the online roulette games on the site to be rigged. But when your chosen online casino is from our recommended sites, you can be rest assured that the games are not rigged. The reason for this is simple; we endorse online casinos that are properly licensed and regulated. In addition, all our listed casinos utilise a random number generator to make sure that every spin is completely random.

Is it possible to predict roulette?

No. Online roulette is offered by software providers that are known for the fairness of their games. Their roulette games come with the random number generator which works to make the game of roulette as random as possible. This ensures that no person can easily predict the outcome of the game.

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