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Best Blackjack Sites in 2024

Hello, I am happy to have you on my website, welcome! Guess you want to know more about blackjack? Or get acquainted with the best blackjack online sites and what they offer. I tell you this, and you found the right place!

I have done my research, and that is why I have put out my review about the best online blackjack casino. You can also get further advice and information about this incredible game.

Hey, keep reading. I am confident you would find all the vital information you need to have a great gaming experience with online blackjack.

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Top Blackjack casinos

Blackjack history

Although the origin is still debatable, most people believe that it originated from the french casino, others claim it to be a Roman invention. Romans were known to play the game with wooden blocks.

Around the 20th century, it had the name 21. later on, the game was changed to its current name Blackjack. Blackjack is a top choice game and a legendary casino game.

The rules of the game have since improved over time, especially with its legalization. With the highest payout percentage of about 99.83, it stands out among other casino games. One of its bonus would pay the player extra if he dealt a blackjack alongside an ace of spades. Lots of players have made significant wins by betting against and beating the house.

Blackjack - Bernie is the guy

The rules of Blackjack

We would commence with the fundamental rules. This game has one or more persons playing to beat the dealer. Now, this aim is:

  • A: To reach the card value of 21 as much as possible.
  • B: Beat the dealer’s hand. Usually by aiming at a higher hand than him.
  • C: To allow the deal go to bust. This is achieved when he draws cards until he exceeds 21.

When a player beats the dealer, he gets twice his bet (1:1), the only exception is him hitting blackjack (an ace with a card that amounts to 10). this pays 3:2.

Two cards are shared at the beginning of the blackjack round. After that, the player would have the option of:

  • Stand: Contented with the cards in your hands and needing no more cards.
  • Hit: Drawing an extra card. This can be continued until the player bust (when their hand exceeds 21)
  • Double: A careful examination of the game, his winning chances and then doubling of the bet placed. After that, he can draw another card.
  • Split: This happens when a player doubles his bet or split his cards because he has a value point of 10 from a pair of cards. With this, he ends up with two hands. Automatically, he is dealt one additional card by the dealer. After that, the player decides to hit, stand or double depending on his hands. Some games disallow doubling when you have done a split.

Playing Online Blackjack: The good and the bad

Playing online Blackjack is an incredible way to have fun while winning some big cash.

The icing on the cake here is that you can do it from the comfort of your home. There are good sides to this great opportunity, and there are also bad sides. However, it doesn’t stop the game from being great.

Online Blackjack stands out among several online casino games. Although questions like is online Blackjack safe? Is it safe? Can you earn much from playing online Blackjack? Pops up in the mind of the players, especially newbies.



  • Playing online Blackjack, players can have the opportunity of playing free games is provided by the casino.
  • There are better bonuses when you play online blackjack compared to when you do play at a live casino.
  • You can decide to play at a casino that has a low house advantage.
  • You can play games 24 hours a week at any time and from any location.
  • I am playing online Blackjack with privacy – no disturbance.


  • Due to the speed of playing online Blackjack, there is a higher hourly loss of late procured.
  • The wagering requirement for online Blackjack bonuses creates a barrier to get an edge.
  • Extroverts would be missing out on socializing with friends or fellow gamblers
  • There are fraudulent online casinos that would not allow you to cash out your profit.
  • Playing techniques like card counting can’t be used as an advantage.

Variations in Blackjack rules

You’d be shocked when you realize the various variant of blackjack that are available. Those things that look negligible can turn out to be great, especially in payout percentage. These are some variations:

When the Dealer stands on soft 17

Here, the dealer would keep drawing cards until he gets to 17 or higher. Some variants would have the dealer stand at 17 while others would rather decide to hit. Choosing to hit would impair the payout by a percentage of 0.2%.

When the Dealer hits on soft 17

The rule variation has the dealer standing on 17, which is a hand having a total of six in value usually an ace and any other card. Usually, this is advantageous to the player because the dealer has a higher probability of going bust.


This variation has two sides to it. First is the early surrender where the player surrenders before the dealer checks. Although it is rarely carried out, it is possible and safe for the player. Also, the player could surrender late, known as late surrender. Here, the dealer has already checked. Late surrender is more known, but the player doesn’t profit from it. So, it is up to the player to take action based on how he has read his game.


Note that some tables do not offer some of these variations—more reason you need to enquire about the casino before you play. Resplit is as the name sounds when a player considers his options and decides to resplit the hand that has previously been split if you find a table or casino that offers such variation stick with them because it is a better choice for you.

Doubling after split

Most tables permit this variation. This means when the dealer deals you a pair, and you split. Then the dealer deals with your split cards, and you would get draws that would fix or put you in a doubling situation.


Usually, if you have done a split of cards and these cards supposedly have the same value, there are chances that the table would allow you to split again or resplit. If this is granted, the player will wager, and the dealer would make a distinction between the new pair by dealing with a new card to both.

Early surrender

Like I stated earlier, early surrender is much more beneficial to the player than late surrender, which is the alternative. Most tables do not allow surrender, especially against a dealer blackjack.

6 to 5 blackjacks

This variation favors the casino. Usually, they would offer a 3:2 blackjack payout, but most have adopted the 6;5 payouts and it doesn’t profit the player in the long run.

Single deck vs multi deck

With a single deck, the chances of hitting a BJ can be approximated to once in every 20.72 hands. The probability keeps decreasing for subsequent multi desks. For a double-deck it is once in 20.93, a four-deck hit once for 21.02 hand, a six-deck would hit at 21.07 hands, and an eight-deck would also hit at 21.07 hands.

How & where to play blackjack

History shows that this casino game, with its popularity, has been in existence for more than 70 years now. If you are familiar with the rules of the game, you can tell it is quite an easy game. There are quite some key strategic elements that you must be acquainted with to become a professional. This guide would broaden your understanding of those basic rules of the game. Below is the step by step guide to playing online blackjack:
Estimated time needed: 00:08 Tools needed: CardsCasino chipsBlackjack game advisorBlackjack trainerHouse edge calculator Supply needed: MoneyTimeSound internet connection
How & where to play blackjack
Check out Bernie’s list of top-notch casino blackjack sites! From our list of tested and trusted blackjack sites, pick the one you are comfortable with. These sites offer free options on blackjack games. Also, they provide games to play for real money. Step 1
How & where to play blackjack
Take time to create your account and claim bonus After you have picked a poker site, create your account. Ensure you have money in your wallet by making a deposit, especially if you want to play real money games. Also, search for bonuses. Some bonuses are available to play games like blackjack. Step 2
Select your best variant of the blackjack Blackjack has many variants that are offered on the sites, pick the option that you are interested in. However, this may depend on the software provided by the casino. Step 3
How & where to play blackjack
Put in your wager To start, you would have to choose a bet and place a wager. Bets amount can be altered to fit your budget. When you have placed your wager, the game starts. You will have to follow the variation of the game you’ve selected; this would enhance your chances of winning. Step 4
How & where to play blackjack
A little advice – make use of the blackjack sheet It is better to adhere more to the cheat sheet when you are playing blackjack. This would guide you to begin and keep at it. Step 5

Card values

There are various variants of the game blackjack. Despite these variations, one thing is similar to them all – the card value. Same card values for all variants. Here are the values:

  • Cards with the number from 2 – 10 have the value equivalent to their number.
  • A card value of 10 is placed on face cards.
  • Either 1 or 11 can be taken as the card value for an ace card.

Blackjack Strategy

Winning is all about strategy. The best strategies are those who are sure of delivering a tangible result. Among all casino games, Blackjack has the highest winning rate as far as you apply the right strategy. Now, let take a look at the best strategy for dealer stand on 17 and dealer hits on soft 17. These are entirely two different blackjack games.

Not applying the right strategy would result in some negative consequences. For instance, errors like taking insurance would result in a low payout percentage. This low payout percentage is about 95%. With this, you could feel less energy when you play. Ensure you always apply the right blackjack strategy chart.

Strategy: Dealer stands on soft 17

Blackjack Strategy
Applying this strategy is best when you see that these two conditions are satisfied. The first condition is that the dealer has decided to stand on 17, while the second condition is that 4 – 8 playing cards are served for the game. Aside from these two conditions, double after split should be accepted by the dealer. This is a more profitable strategy that blackjack players should know about.

Strategy: Dealer hits on soft 17

Blackjack strategy 2
This is second to the first strategy and also not the best choice compared to the first strategy. It is the best choice when a dealer decides to hit on soft 17. Many casinos, online and offline, accept this strategy.

Blackjack terms

These lingos are wording every player of the game must get acquainted with. Blackjack is a very famous casino game that has its register.

Knowing these terms would help your conversation with other players an interesting one. Gamers who are not familiar with such terms or the game would want to know more about the game.

These lingos are put together to raise your gaming experience. Your lingos should be able to match your skills.

  • Hit – this term means to take another card. It’s a playing decision where the dealer serves you another card. Usually, there is a rule that allows the gamer to take a hit when they have acquired a soft 17.
  • Stand – this term is used to mean the player would take no more card. He stops demanding for more cards. It is sometimes referred to as ‘sitting’.
  • Double down – this term is used to imply that another bet has been placed which is similar to the previous one, and also the player would receive one extra card.
  • Split – means that a player has the option to re-bet the original amount and can, therefore, split two cards of equal value. This would make up two separate hands.
  • Surrender – now this term is used when the player has realized he cannot beat the dealer. So, he forfeits half of his bet. Early surrender or late surrender can be initiated.
  • Insurance – relates to a bet that takes place on the condition that the dealer has an ace card. Furthermore, this can be played at odds of 2 – 1 when the dealer gets blackjacked.
  • Bust – this term signifies that either the player or dealer has gone over a card value or hand total of 21. Usually, you should not exceed the value of 21.
  • Push – this is a term used to signify that both the player and the dealer have the same hand value – a tie. Usually, the bet would be returned to the player.

Best Blackjack Sites in 2024

Different types of blackjack

Among several games, blackjack can be conveniently crowned the king of card tables. Talk about skill-based, probability, and profit, these are all imbibed in the game. Ways in which you can experience the blackjack casino game differs.

These different blackjack games are known as variants. Honestly, they would all grab your attention.

However, the goal in all these variants is to beat the dealer’s hand. Although each variant has its own defined rules which players have to know about.

Blackjack surrender

Blackjack surrender has a move known as surrender in which the player decides to fold his hand. Here he loses half of the bet instead of the total bet. Although, most players ignore this move and most tables do not allow it.

Blackjack switch

This is a casino gambling game where two hands are dealt instead of one. Also, the player has the liberty to switch or exchange two top cards within his hands. This is played by either four, six, or eight 52 cards decks. They are all shuffled together.

Live Blackjack

Live blackjack can be played at a live casino. Here real dealers are on ground to do the shuffling, deal, and limitless interactions with casino players. Drinks are also available if you need something to keep you going.

Atlantic City Blackjack

This is a variation of blackjack that become famous because of its low house edge. Low house edge gives players the upper hand in a game and also increases their chances of winning. It is an exciting and challenging variant of blackjack.

European Blackjack

Most people refer to this variant as the one through which blackjack evolved from. The game varies from others in its set of rules. For instance, when the bets are placed, the dealer would have to deal out of cards.

Perfect Blackjack

This variant is played with 6 decks. Also, bets can be placed as you wish. For instance, a player could place up to 5 different hands simultaneously. The aim is to get all hand value closer to 21 and not over 21 in other to beat the dealer.

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Ways to increase and decrease the house edge

Increasing and decreasing house edges are essential ways to ensure a player beats the dealer. A low house edge would be more beneficial to the player. So, it is crucial to know how to increase and decrease the house edge to your favor.

The house edge is highly significant, and we would prefer to pay the house as little as it can be a player. Furthermore, at most casinos’ tables, blackjack has the lowest house edge.

Since rules cannot be changed, our best shot would be to lower the house edge. How can you manipulate the house edge?

  • Count cards

Counting cards is one strategy used to bring down the house edge to your favor. Here, some cards are exposed by the dealer, and the player has to make inferences about the remaining cards to his advantage. Players can bet more with fewer chances of losing.

  • Shuffle tracking

This is a technique often applied alongside card counting. Here, individual cards are tracked through a series of shuffles. This technique requires excellent eyesight. If a game has a simple shuffle, it would be easier to track compared to when it has a complex shuffle mechanism.

  • Identifying concealed cards

By distinctive markings on the back of a card a player could read the card and take advantage of it. On the other hand, a player could quickly scan a card as it is served. Not all casino allows this technique, though.

Bernie wishes you good luck

Here, I am sure you have learned a lot from this article. With this information, you can launch into a realm of limitless possibilities. With the various skills spoken about in the article, you can increase your winning chances and cut your losses.

How to play blackjack should no longer be an issue for you. This is one way to have an enjoyable gaming experience.

Reading this write up til the end shows that you are interested in raising your game. I wish you an incredible blackjack experience and cheers to more wins.

There are several blackjack promotions out there, however, I urge you always to follow the rules of the game and also that of the casino. Play responsibly always.

Frequently often asked questions about online blackjack

Can I play free blackjack?

Search no more. You can play free blackjack. Online blackjack would give you an excellent casino experience from any location you find yourself. You would also get acquainted with rules of the game while catching all the fun it brings. It is advised to always refer to the free version before you play for real money.

Can you beat the house in blackjack?

There is this myth saying that the house always wins and it is profitless trying to beat them. Well said, but that is not right. Of course, casinos must always have an edge, that how they remain in business. However, you can play and beat the house in blackjack, only by sticking to the rules.

What is the return-to-player in blackjack?

Return-to-player or RTP depends on actual winnings and wagers. It is the money that a player would lose or win when for each hand he plays. It is not just a number; it is based on the wagers placed by real people in a casino. The RTP of blackjack is usually at 54%.

Can I count cards in online blackjack?

Yes. This is one of the strategies used to reduce or increase the house edge in a blackjack game. Most online casinos have software which shuffles the cards every time you deal a new hand. This makes it a bit tricky. Cards counting is a must-learn trick to take your game forward.

Can I use strategy in blackjack?

Yes, you can. You can apply basic strategy in blackjack games. Although, this is not the only way to overcome the house edge though you might get lucky sometimes. To beat the house, you would need deviations, counting, betting strategies and many others.

Where can I find good blackjack casinos?

First, top casinos have been talked about in this beginning part of this article. For more emphasis, you can find good blackjack casinos at: 1. Jackpot city casino 2. 888casino 3. 4. These and many more are good casinos where you can enjoy top games and also have some fun.

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