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Best Live Casinos UK – A Guide to Live Dealer Online Casinos

The live casino offers an experience like no other. The best live casino UK are interactive, with a diverse range of live game deals and provide similar perks of a land-based casino. With a few simple clicks, you can access the best live online casinos on the market.

The live dealer casinos are clear, vibrant, and full of colour, indicating the quality which is expected from the best live casinos.

Exclusive List: Top Live Casino Sites UK

What is a live casino?

A live casino is a virtual representation or a simulation of a real casino. A live dealer is present to deal out the cards in a table or card game, and players interactively play the game to the end. The interactive design of the software allowing people in different regions to play and interact in the same game is what differentiates it from other computer games.

The software providers pride in giving smooth platforms that experience no delays. The amazing service, their information and security levels rival those of real casinos.

Besides, the live dealers and players participating in live dealer games are exceptional and Live casinos offer an unforgettable experience.

The thrill of live casino

Many people don't fancy visiting a brick and mortar casino. Since they love playing on a normal casino, they enjoy a live dealership game via online casinos much more. They offer a chance to play at a real casino and never have to set foot in an actual one.

Online live casinos gameplay is in accordance with the players engaging in the game. There is no RNG software trying to determine the possible outcomes or direct flow of the game like other similar computer games. The game control is with the players and the casino dealers or house representative.

The players set the pace through which the game continues over time. For skilled individuals playing against unprepared and unskilled players, it becomes much easier to win against the opponent. However, individuals with similar skill levels might take a while.

Live casinos offer real experiences. You interact with other players, place your wager with the dealer, and get to enjoy varying player reactions. The outcomes of the game are as per players indicating its authenticity. In summary, the game is real time and you do not have to wait for outcome processing. You witness it first-hand.

Playing live requires total focus on the gameplay (minimise distractions). Look out for casino bonuses and other available promotions (for boosting your bankroll). Practising care in placing stakes by starting low (helps extend your gaming budget for the day). Finally, total respect for other dealers and game players increases game experience in the long run.



  • Great experience with many different variations
  • A great pace
  • Always an available seat


  • Some dealers can be dull
  • Not always fully interactive
  • Some live casino streams can have a broadcast delay

Guide: How to play live casino

In a live casino, a real casino table game such as blackjack or roulette is offered via video streaming. This allows you to place your bets directly from your computer by using advanced software to record your selections and relate them to the table results.
Estimated time needed: 00:07 Tools needed: Live Casino software Supply needed: TheGambleDoctor's live casino list
live casino
Browse the casino list Explore TheGambleDoctor’s casino list and find your favorite casino or discover one you never tried before. Step 1
live casino
Check out my review about the live casino! If you chose a casino and click on ‘read more’ you can find your way to the review I wrote about the casino. Check out what I wrote about the quality of the casino’s live casino. Also make sure the see if they use a reputable live casino software provider. Step 2
live casino
Registration and first payment! If my review about the live casino was positive, you can go ahead to register and make your first payment.  Step 3
live casino
Play and enjoy the authentic experience! Now you must only decide for a live casino game and start playing! Enjoy the authentic vibe and the interaction with the dealer and the other players through the live chat. Step 4

The Best live casino games

The best selection of live dealer casinos provides the most basic, yet classic casino game selection. The satisfying factor is that even the most classic of games such as poker or blackjack has many other variations of the same.

As a result, your playing time can involve participating in the different types of best live roulette casinos. Enjoy a simple game of live baccarat, go to different live bingo rooms, and try your hand at live poker, among others.

Live Roulette

Live roulette is one of the major game selection available to you at every dealer casino you choose. It provides you with a chance to try pure luck online and the comfort of your home. Using a reliable internet connection, you can enjoy live roulette from your computer or mobile phone.

The game has a wide variety of genres to play. Some of these include the most common and well known European, American, and French roulettes. However, there are additional types of roulette originating from different regions of the world. They include immersive, Double Ball and Double Wheel, Golden Ball, and La Partage, among others.

The live roulette wheel offers similar bets to that of a regular casino. The playing process is simple, and all you have to do is select the variant you desire best. Use your account to make a popular bet alongside the range of different online roulette bets available.

Live roulette casinos take consumer safety seriously. With some casinos, you get a chance to try out live roulette for free without having to make a wager. However, an experienced player requires minimal acquaintance with different genres. You may consider live roulette to be much more interesting in comparison to land-based roulette game.

Individuals who love a fast paced gameplay should select any roulette variant while online. The game is straightforward. Select the wager, place the bet and let the wheel turn. Within a matter of minutes and in some cases seconds, the results of the bet are in. review in depth before making the bet. Even though the gameplay is fast, the game is a high risk for many players due to high house Advantage.

live roulette

Live Blackjack

Blackjack is a game with a rich history. The live blackjack genre is one that encompasses all the elements of a regular blackjack game. Through the software developed for the game, there is an actual blackjack table and an actual blackjack cards. To top it all, a real live casino dealer operates the live blackjack casino.

You can interact with fellow players and the dealer as the game progresses. Do not worry about the reliability, safety, or payment structures available to you. Live blackjack casinos have all your services fulfilled. In addition, you can select from the variety of bonus options attached to the live blackjack games you desire.

Live dealer blackjack is convenient and easy to play. You play with a real dealer, and you can have the opportunity of selecting the dealer if not happy with the provided one. Besides, its easier to prevent any form of cheating. You are safe playing live blackjack, and you do not have to fear the outcomes of your particular game.

A winning tip for blackjack game lovers is always to play the game slowly and strategically. Ensure you bet within your limits. Enjoy the game as much as possible, and avoid any traps other players might set for you.

Also, review the available bets and casino game variants before making a decision on which to play. Each variant has specific bets and strategies used are specific to the game in some cases. Understanding the differences will determine how much you enjoy the live game.

Live Poker

Poker is one of the most popular games present in every casino online. Poker is a game of strategy, skill, and perseverance. If you are lucky, this classic card game will bring a little fortune your way. Live poker offers a similar experience with amazing outcomes via simulation or webcasts online.

With live poker, you can either play against actual opponents, or you may decide to play against the house. You can chat with other players and follow a basic strategy towards earning a win. Live poker makes the traditional game one of the games that modern people take joy in playing.

Live poker has many variations for individuals aiming to partake in one. However, these variations have significant differences and employ different strategies to earn a win. Furthermore, they originate from various places around the world, making it difficult to comprehend them all at once.

Some of the live poker variations include 3 Card Poker, and Hold’em Poker, Seven Card Stud poker, Omaha Hi-Lo, Chinese Poker, among others. The variations have their gameplay, specific winning strategies with different pay-outs for each winning hand. The main advantage that comes with different poker games is that they are easy to learn.

Also, they include many different outcomes increasing the popularity while eliminating game monotony. For instance, in a Texas Hold’em poker game, you can place bets including blind bets, antes, double bets among others.

live poker

Live Baccarat (Punto Banco)

Live baccarat is only available in some of the best online live casinos in the UK. The game comes with its familiar playing table and the right deck of cards. The popularity of the game continues to grow, especially with the additional interactive feature awarded to players when the game is on for communication.

The game provides a variety of playing avenues allowing one to place a wager of their choice. The live baccarat platform offers players a decision about whether to wager or not. You can also select the live dealer for your baccarat game, get essential reassurance on the safety of the game. You make the convenient choice of playing baccarat whenever you desire both on a desktop and your mobile.

To play live baccarat, you need to sign up with some of the top live casinos online. Select the game variation that draws your interests after depositing to your casino account. Deal the cards and place the necessary conditions as the game dictates. Reveal the cards for evaluation and assessment to determine a winner.

Live baccarat has several variants of the original game. They include Dragon tiger whose characters include the Dragon and the Tiger playing against each other instead of the original dealer versus player. Speed baccarat another variant gameplay is about twenty seconds much faster than the original game. Baccarat Squeeze difference comes in the revelation of the dealers cards.

Finally, let’s look at Punto Banco another North American variant of live baccarat. It includes two different types of baccarat within it include the Midi and Mini Punto and the EZ Baccarat.

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Poker: Discover exciting live poker sites

Baccarat: Go nuts in live Punto Banco

Popular live casino providers

Live casino providers allow you to play real games over the internet while conversing with other individuals. The providers ensure you feel the thrill of a brick casino virtually or through a working simulation. The game variety increases the need to play and eliminates monotony. Besides, the providers ensure that the casino is realistic as possible in offering a unique casino experience.

Based on different parameter such as game selection, technological platforms and available variety, these providers are easier to subdivide. To help you in selecting the very best, here are our top 4 live casino providers.

NetEnt (Net Entertainment)

The platform that took off in 1996. The game provider growth has been gradual with different milestones in different years.  As of 2023, the platforms takes pride in a series of different online live casinos, and several operating licences for different regions online. As a result, their live casinos services are accessible from a variety of places around the world

Netent provides approximately ten different types of live dealer casinos. They include different blackjack variants and several roulette games. The platform aims to deliver the not only realistic but also personalized feel of a casino, the provider makes it a priority to deliver on all consumer expectations. Netent takes live dealers casinos online onto a whole new level.

From a wide range of casino bonuses to another list of netent live casinos. You can have your pick of a casino, casino bonus, and finally, a casino game of your choice. These range from classic roulette of different variants, blackjack, and its traditional skill at winning, among others.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is one of the major software providers for different casino games. Each of their games is interesting and draws curiosity, enhancing personal experience. Their live casino operations are the most advanced in the sector.

Evolution Gaming prides in its selection of over 10 different live casino games. Using them as a supplier will give you access to a magnificent game such as lighting and live roulette, blackjack, baccarat, dragon tiger, Hold’em, dream Catcher and Caribbean Stud Poker among others. Regardless of where you come from, get access to a myriad of live casino games from evolution gaming.

The interactive platform is one that has smooth game delivery, fast actions for the dealers, and quick outcomes after a move during a game for the players. Payment structures for services rendered via evolution gaming are not only convenient but also fast. Using reliable internet access, you can play any live dealer game you desire via Evolution Gaming.


If looking for an inviting and extensive game selection starting with live poker, Playtech is your live casino software provider. You can get over five different live casino games on Playtech. From a wide range of live games, you can select any that you desire, including baccarat, Holdem poker, and roulette, among others.

Coming in a platform offering various languages to match the players or users, there is no one that can cry because of denied access. Using advanced technologies, the live games are available for you to peruse and enjoy at leisure. Get a royal flush hand and receive the highest payment of 100:1 of live Texas Holdem poker game.

If not, you play regular blackjack and split your cards for a better bet or double after a split where necessary. If not, just go for the live unlimited blackjack and get a three suit card win playing 100:1. You should always expect a change in the dynamics now and game selection you need.

Extreme Live Gaming

Founded in the year 2013, the platform takes into account the need to entertain at a higher level. Extreme Live Gaming, as a result, provides one of the most entertaining experiences that rivals any competitive gaming session online. With a simple click, you gain access to world-class casino gaming live experience while at the comfort of your home.

You can also enjoy free live gaming sessions with live casinos both on android and iPhone devices. If not, you may want to pursue Golden Ball and other live casino dealer games provided by the company. With each step, you remain entertained, and the online reality of the casino is fun to behold.

Other casino games you might enjoy include Italian Blackjack, Ra Roulette, Dolphin’s Pearl, among others. Make a simple bet of £1 and stand a chance to win over £10000 with Extreme Live Gaming. Take advantage of the 99.59% RTP on live dealer blackjack games on the platform. Besides, some of the side bets on blackjack table add to the benefits to realise when playing the game.

Newly Reviewed Live Casinos

Live casino and security

Live casinos and security are top priorities when selecting a casino. Using a live dealer instead of software to play the game, you are responsible for all the outcomes, whether positive or negative. You can change your wager if allowed whenever you desire. Besides, the game becomes much more lively when chatting with a live dealer instead of staring at a computer screen with no movement but with only the game sounds.

Live casinos take the verification of their game selection quite seriously. Every live casino ensures audit continues for fairness and equality in gameplay and other operations. Such activities offer customers assurance of quality casino services. Many casinos bare the symbols, such as the seal of eCogra for game verification and different licenses showing operational jurisdictions. These are available for customer safety and prevent possible cases of exploitation or fraud.

Some casinos employ the use of information encryptions to prevent unauthorized access. The most common is the SSL encryption that keeps information on transit safe. On transit indicates information sent via the internet to the casino and vice versa. They employ other technologies such as firewalls, internet filters and information identification to guard their databases, keeping data secure at all times. Security of confidential client information protects against identity theft or fraud. Whenever you join a live casino, check these features before signing up.

Live casino bonus

Live casino bonuses are of a variety. Firstly, casinos may offer a welcome bonus for joining the live casino fraternity. In the mix, other bonuses come your way as you proceed with the game.
You can use the bonuses to place different wagers for your game. They also alleviate the need to run through your bankroll over a short period. With the right gift and other casino awards, you might be lucky to win different live wagers adding to your spending money.

However, the fantastic live bonuses for live dealer games have significant conditions attached. These conditions include very high rollover demands.

The demands may go to over 100x in wagering requirements, which is quite hard to accomplish.

Therefore, before accepting any bonus from a casino, ensure that you are conversant with the hidden terms and conditions. It will prevent deceit and high rollover burdens on you that are hard to adhere to before gathering any possible winnings you get.
Some of the live casino bonuses you should expect include free bets.

As the name suggests these come for free and allow you to bet on any wager provided by your bookmarker. A welcome bonus by a live casino extends your available cash for playing. A cash bonus is one that provides you with a chance to bet on anything on your bookmarker and has no limitations. Money-back bonuses allow you to receive a percentage amount after a wager in case you lose to the casino.

Live casino on mobile

Live casino on mobile is a gambling activity any potential player wishes to pass through. It is not only suitable for individuals with busy schedules but also advanced enough to ensure you have fun. Using a mobile phone today, you can either play live dealer games instantly or after completing a download.

Instant play lives casinos offer casino services on immediate mode. There is no need to download a game or software to gain access to the website or provider. Through a login, you gain access to all the games instantly.
However, not all live casinos are on instant play. Some require you to download an application to gain access to the casino. Thus, ensure that you have the right app for the popular casino you wish to play online.

Do not worry about the graphics or the sound in a specific live casino game. Providers scale the applications or software to fit the mobile phone platform such that you do not strain. Also, they limit the possibility of interruptions, such as delays or freezes during a game.

live casino

Get ready for your live casino adventure!

Live casinos are providing an adventure you cannot miss! Starting with a huge variety of games and the best hurdles to overcome being actual people. There is everything to look forward to with these platforms or providers at a go.

Finding the right live casino can present a challenge, especially for new users. Do not fret as TheGambleDoctor has a working list of the top live casinos for you to explore. Just a few clicks, and you can settle on any of the verified and certified live casinos on their lists.

Even with all the glitter, one may still find it hard to settle for an online casino instead of visiting a real one. However, for individuals seeking convenience, continued people interactions, and a wide range of games on a secure platform, online casinos are your best chances.

Claim several bonuses from your select live casino. Use the bonus to play any live dealer game you desire at a go. Ensure to follow any rules and conditions attached to the bonuses and games. With it, you can extend you gaming experience
Do not lag in your casino game selection. Go for the best live casinos available on the market today! Use thegambledoctor, and you won’t regret the outcomes.

FAQ: Live Casino UK

Are online live casinos always open?

Live casino operations go through the internet and thus are mostly available on every end. They are available for you to use at any given time of the day or night. However, some casinos have strict operation hours, as indicated in the terms and conditions of use. However, many offer the opportunity to try your luck at any time of the day.

You may consider them always open, and if not, be sure to look at the timeline so as not to lose your chance. Remember, the casino might be open 24hours or for a number of hours during the night or day.

Who broadcasts live casino?

There are many live casino providers on the market. Some include evolution gaming, Playtech, Microgaming, among others. All these providers strive to provide the best casino games on the market demand list. The game providers take pride in their wide selection of live dealer casino games. The smooth operating platforms ensure you get an online game experience that is real and assuring all the way.

As a result, individuals find it hard to choose between one provider and another. However, the smooth technological platforms have distinct features such as game variety, better features, and smooth service provision differentiating them.

Does the gameplay vary from regular casino games?

Yes, the gameplay is quite different from regular casino games. Here individuals or the live dealers set the pace for each game. For regular players, the game might take longer, especially if it's one full of strategic moves like poker or a while if it’s the simplest form of blackjack. However, individuals remain in control of the game and not some software guiding the play.

Live casino games have different gameplay. If you desire a lot of action and fast game play, you should go for live poker or blackjack or different roulette variants.

Do I avoid the RNG software?

Well, the live casino does not employ the use of the RNG software. The software is present for other casino games where a live dealer is not current. The RNG determines the gameplay, fairness in the winning, or losing odds as awarded by the casino, among others functions.

In a live casino, the casino shows the odds and house advantage for a specific game. Each game has a unique RTP, game contributions to your bonus conditions among others. So even though there might not be RNG software at work, the outcome in the different games will still come down to random chance.

Can I communicate with the dealer when playing live?

Yes! Communications with the dealer when playing live are open. As are conversations with other players at the table depending on the game you are playing? However, some games only require communication during the wager placement period.

If you desire to change the bet, then one has to wait until the playing period is over to do so. If you require to stop the game, many casinos provide a platform through which you can accomplish that desire. Therefore, before placing your wager on a live game, ensure your options are clearly explained to you.

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