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Hello, my friend!

I have noticed some of the guests on this page have questions about the casino. In order to help you and answer the most frequently asked questions, I have created this section.

I hope this FAQ will be helpful, but if you can’t find the solution you’re looking for, feel free to contact me at the following address: support @

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Common questions about casinos

I can’t log in to the casino?

Don’t forget that TheGambleDoctor is not a casino. I’m just TheGambleDoctor, I love casinos and try to introduce the best deals on my site.

If you’re having trouble logging into a casino website, there may be several reasons for this. You may have forgotten your username or password, but it can also be due to a technical problem or something else. I suggest you to do the following:

  • Visit the casino where you are having difficulty logging in.
  • Search for the help area/customer service.
  • Contact the customer service of the casino. They are trained to help players with exactly this type of problem.
  • As TheGambleDoctor is not a casino, you will not be able to log in to TheGambleDoctor and I will not be able to help you with any login/password issues on specific casino websites.

I have a problem with my bonus

Remember, TheGambleDoctor is not a casino. I’m just TheGambleDoctor, I adore casinos and I’m trying to introduce you to the best casino offers on my site.

Sometimes online casinos have problems with bonuses due to a variety of reasons. The most common reasons are:

  • You have not activated your bonus yet. Go to your account and see if you can activate it there.
  • If you have free spins, you may only be able to redeem them for a specific game. Make sure you have chosen the right game, as your free spins may be waiting for you there.
  • You have not made a deposit yet. If the bonus is a deposit bonus, you must make the deposit before the bonus can be activated.

Usually it’s just a simple mistake which the casino can solve for you in the blink of an eye once you have reported your problem to it. Here’s what TheGambleDoctor suggests if you have a bonus problem:

    • Visit the casino you are having problems with the bonus at.
    • Search for the help area/customer service.
    • Contact the casino customer service. The majority of customer supports is trained to help players with exactly this type of problem.
    • TheGambleDoctor is not a casino, so I can’t help you with bonus issues at certain casinos.

I can’t find the game I’m looking for

Are you having trouble finding the game you are looking for? Here are a few things you can do in order to find it:

    • Make sure the casino of your choice offers the game at all – write to the live chat of the customer service to ask for it.
    • visit the games section. Often you will find a search bar where you can browse for a specific game.
    • If you still cannot find your game in the casino, the casino may not offer the game you are looking for. You may then either be able to play another game or visit another casino.

The casino does not work either on my mobile phone nor on my tablet

If you have problems with a casino not working on your mobile phone or tablet, there are these possible solutions:

    • Does the casino provide an app? Visit the App Store/Google Play and enter the name of the casino to see if there is an app available. Typically, online casino apps are for free and you can login to the app using your existing username and password.
    • If there is no app, you can go to the browser of your mobile phone/tablet and visit the casino page above. Many casino websites are optimized for mobile devices.
    • If there is neither an app nor a site optimized for mobile use, it is best to choose another casino to play on the go.
    • Visit thegambledoctor, find another casino that suits your taste and click on it.

I can’t find the bonus conditions

Bonus terms and conditions are mandatory and must be clearly visible on the casino website. However, the terms are often hidden discreetly at the bottom of the bonus page or you have to click a button on your own to find them. But they will always be there.

In thegambledoctor’s opinion, the most important bonus regulations are those:

    • The maximum bonus amount: Always be aware of the maximum amount of the bonus.
    • The usage requirements: How many times do you have to wager your bonus before you can withdraw it? The requirements can vary from bonus to bonus and can range from 0x up to 50x or even more. Usually, the wagering requirements are between 25x and 40x. For you as a player, the lower the requirements, the better it will be for you, because in the long run the house advantage will secure the bonuses. The sooner you can play independently with your money, the better.
    • The bonus deadline: Always be aware of how much time you have to use the bonus before it disappears.
    • Minimum deposit: If you would like to receive a deposit bonus, you should make sure that your deposit is high enough to qualify for the bonus.

Are the casinos on TheGambleDoctor secure?

Yes, all casinos at TheGambleDoctor are licensed and rated as trustworthy. If you want to know more about a particular casino, you can go to the home page and read one of my casino reviews.

About thegambledoctor

If you desire to find a safe and fun casino site to play at, Casino TheGambleDoctor is the right place for you. TheGambleDoctor’s biggest dream is to become the best casino guide in the whole world and he’s site is already translated into more than 7 languages. TheGambleDoctor takes care of more than a thousand daily visitors, so he’s already well on his way!


How does TheGambleDoctor work?

TheGambleDoctor is not a regular casino site but a site that compares and rate different casinos.

At TheGambleDoctor you can get a quick overview of different casinos/bonuses without any stress. CasinosTheGambleDoctor earns money via affiliate links when you use my link and start playing at a casino. That’s the only way it’s possible to keep the site content 100% free for you. TheGambleDoctor is an independent casino guide and strives to be objective. That means I present a variety of casinos, so you can make you choice based on a lot of different info.

Why use thegambledoctor?

TheGambleDoctor is free to everybody and can give you a simple and quick overview over the best casino bonuses and offers. I made TheGambleDoctor to make it easier for you to get an indication over the casino market. I put a lot of time in updating and developing my site. Therefore, I would appreciate it at lot if you help me by using my links. It will not make any different to you but for us it makes a world of a difference and I that way we can keep TheGambleDoctor alive.

We appreciate your support!

How do I get help on thegambledoctor?
If you have any questions please look in our FAQ. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for in our FAQ please contact TheGambleDoctor via mail on: support @
Is TheGambleDoctor an online casino?

No, TheGambleDoctor is your casino guide that provides information and reviews of different online casinos. This site is made so you can compare different casinos with each other and find the casino that suits your needs best.

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