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Ecopayz Casinos

Deposit Method for ecoPayz Casinos

EcoPayz is a financial company that is best known for its gaming e-wallets. A British e-money issuer PSI-pay manages EcoPayz. The financial company falls under the regulations of UK Financial Services Authority. The e-wallet from EcoPayz is extremely popular on EcoPayz Casinos. Users who play on EcoPayz Casinos tend to utilize EcoPayz e-wallet for transferring and withdrawing funds to and from their online casino account.

If you are interested in creating an EcoPayz account in order to play on EcoPayz Casinos, then you simply require heading over to their website and tap on ‘Join Us’ button. Thereafter, please fill in and submit the registration form. Your account will activate immediately after the submission of the registration from. Please note that in order to eliminate all kinds of limits from your EcoPayz account you require verifying the same. Verification is pretty simpler as compared to relative e-wallet solutions.

Please note that you can use all major credit and debit cards to fund your EcoPayz Casino e-wallet. However, a 2.9% fee is put on it. EcoPayz Casinos are extremely popular in Canada as Canadians can utilize EFT method to put funds in their EcoPayz e-wallet. This method takes up funds directly from the user’s bank account and puts the same in the e-wallet.

While most other e-wallet solutions provide a physical prepaid card for verified account users, EcoPayz provide a web card as well. You can utilize the virtual web card to spend your winnings from EcoPayz Casinos. Please note that both EcoPayz Web Card as well as EcoPayz Physical Card are, absolutely, free to obtain but fees are levied on their usage. Hence, before you opt  for any EcoPayz card, in order to spend your winnings on EcoPayz Casinos, please make sure that you read the fee table carefully.

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