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Best Online Slots UK

Online slots – I’m a huge fan of them! That’s why I decided to create this page to educate you about everything you need to know regarding slot machines!

Top Online Slots Sites in UK

Play Online Slots Here: Best Game Providers

Online slots are one of the most popular alternatives to traditional casino gaming because of the simplicity of the games. Often referred to as video slots, these online slots are simply a digital version of the slot machine games you may be used to playing at your favorite casino.

They are easy to play on your phone, tablet, or laptop, and you can play at whatever time is convenient for you wherever you are. You also get some great odds, too. Pick an online casino platform that you really love, check out the different deals and odds they offer, and you’ll be sure to find even more chances to win than you’re used to.

Top 5 Best Rated Online Slots in 2024

  1. Cleopatra – A five-reel slot with three rows and a total off twenty adjustable payout lines. The Egyptian theme for the game provides an adventure and historical knowledge with major symbols offering huge payouts.
  2. Gonzo’s Quest – The Mayan themed online game is a 5 reel type of slot. Make an arrangement of three or more symbols to gather a win. In the game, you have a 2500 times payout rate, which surpasses many other online games.
  3. Reel Rush  – Offers adrenaline for adventure lovers. As a five reel with five rows, you can start off with as high as 45 different payout lines. In the game, aim for a strawberry arrangement as it garners 1000 times in payment.
  4. Mega Moolah – A Microgaming slot with a huge jackpot and an automatic play option. With a total of 25 pay lines, you should expect more bonus pays with each wager you place. Besides, your hand might win you the progressive Mega Moolah jackpot.
  5. Starburst – A NetEnt game slot that is unique in its own design. The first priority in this slot is to understand the play process via the rules even with lesser payout lines. The game is quite innovative by providing unique features that rival those from other slot games online.

How to play online slots for free

Online casino slots websites are always looking to entice you with new deals, thanks to the huge amount of competition there is online. If you find a slot machine game that you prefer to play, you can rest assured that there will be a variety of online slots promotions that let you play for free. You just need to understand how the deals work.

Oftentimes, online slots websites will welcome you to their platforms with a no deposit bonus and promise of a certain number of spins for free. This is very real and gives you a chance of winning money without putting down a deposit. Simply sign up for an online slots website of your choice, and once your account is registered and confirmed, you’ll have a no deposit bonus and free slots made available in your account. It’s as simple as that.

You can join multiple casino websites at a time and enjoy the offers they give you, and using your experiences decide which platform you will prefer to spend your time on. Thankfully, here at thegambledoctor, we make your decision that little bit easier. Our list of casino slots websites ensures you’re choosing from the most reputable website, all of which offer amazing deals to play slots for free!

No deposit Slots

No deposit slots are opportunities offered to players to access specific slots without depositing into their casino accounts. On a usual day, a player makes a deposit to their casino account to gain access to any game. Using this specific bonus, you get access at no extra betting cost.

The no deposit slots come as an incentive, especially to new players. It helps casinos build a relationship with potential clientele. At the end of the day, a player converts the account into online slots real money account.

The no deposit slots are available in all casinos. Casinos provide you with free spins no deposit and can often give you free spins. However, ensure that you evaluate the fine print on do deposit slots to avoid falling into a casino trap.

online slots

Can you beat the slots?

Since the inception of the online casino, users have asked whether it’s possible to beat the online slots. The simple answer is no. While it is entirely possible to maximize your chances of winning big when playing online slots, the game is designed specifically to ensure fairness for all users. This is a blessing, not a curse!

Online slots are powered by a random number generator, meaning your slot games are entirely fair and not designed to ensure you always lose. The random numbers generated by the underlying software assigned to different symbols that are displayed when you make a spin. Each time you spin, the online casino assigns you a random number and a symbol, thereby giving you a realistic slot experience.

So, no, you can’t beat the slots – but you can take some simple steps to ensure you have the best possible chances of winning.

4 tips: Maximise your winnings on UK slots

online slots

A good bonus from your favorite casino site is not unwelcome. Before starting your gaming activities, it is crucial to look and understand the bonus options available to you. ensure you gain simple rules that may limit how much you attain in terms of prizes such as wagering requirements.

Look at game contributions to your overall casino points and what you can achieve at the very end. Remember, each step you take while playing on any casino possesses a chance for you to maximize your possible winnings. Apart from all the rules and regulations regarding online slots bonus, having a fun time is also part of maximizing your overall casino experience.

Step 1: Look for the payout percentage

online slots

Payout percentage varies from one online slot game to another and from one casino to the other. If playing slots online win real money, understanding these percentages and their roles will guarantee better winnings. As a new player or a loyal one, select games with higher payout percentages.

For instance, Mega Moolah often has a payout percentage of 95% while another favorite slots game such as Starburst has 96.01%. Starburst presents a better chance of receiving more winnings. However, the difference is not that huge but that is what you need to maximize your winnings.

Even with a winning guarantee, remember that your payout percentage will always be an average. With 95%, you can always have £950 back from your £1000 wager on Mega Moolah. On Starburst the amount increases to £960.

Step 2: Read game reviews

online slots

Game reviews offer insider information not on display on many casino sites. Also, it gives a detailed comparison of the game from different casinos. As an experienced player or a new one, you get a chance to not only play at the best, but also to have a better chance of winning.

Apart from the winning chances, you also get advice on the best payout odds for different symbols for best online slots UK. Each review comes with something new and unknown about the game. It may equip you with the necessary strategy or skill to increase your winning odds.

Step 3: Keep a budget

online slots

A budget is an important key when playing online. It helps mitigate your gambling activities and ensure that you do not overindulge. By setting a budget, you limit the amount available for your wagers each day. Once you deplete the amount set aside for playing video slots online, then you go to bed or pass time in another manner.

A budget will help separate home responsibilities and their finances with your individual paying money. By doing so, you are still responsible for your family and friends while still having a marvelous time playing online. Also, it extends the period through which you can play online by stretching out the budget.

Step 4: Cash in smaller winnings

online slots

Cashing in smaller winnings may seem tedious to you. However, it is a good strategy to maximizing your winnings. For instance, if you cash in your £75 and place another wager of £20, you still retain £55. However, if you decide to place another wager without cashing in, you stand to lose the whole amount.

With each winning, ensure that you cash in and hold your winnings. Place a different bet or a similar bet but ensure to keep your winnings at all time. It will reduce the chances of losing the whole amount and ensure you take something home at the end of the session.

Different types of online slots

Online slots vary extensively in their make and designs. The different companies take pride in providing advanced and unrivaled slots games to the market. Therefore, each slot is different and unique and provides a special experience.

When selecting, it is essential that you evaluate the number of wheels, payout percentage, payout lines and playing odds and, finally, the game thematic.

Video Slots

Due to changing technologies and changing times, gaming houses are also updating their technologies. You no longer have to go to a casino to enjoy a good game. With video slots, you set your game pace, you do not require poring through different strategies and playing tactics and the skills is non-essential.

They offer a wide variety of creative fronts, with as many paylines as desired. The bonus options or symbols and interactive platforms are genuinely appealing for any individual.


As the name suggests, in these slots, you get a chance to view the images and sound features in 3D. The game play becomes very fast, highly engaging and smooth offering a specialized game experience. Besides, you can enjoy 3D slots in different game languages and with the new online slots arrivals, your experience is unmatched.

To play 3D on free online slots casino gaming offers a chance to acquaint with its features and playing options. Once you know what to expect, then you can play 3D slots for real money.

Progressive slots

Progressive slots offer a progressive jackpot that increases with time. The more the players engage in specific UK online slots, the more progressive in amount the jackpot gains. A single slot machine can offer a progressive jackpot. However, you can also have a network of different slots machines offering progressive jackpots on a specific game.

The progressive jackpots also come from different casino entities. Jackpot amounts come from the bets players are continuously placing when engaging in their gaming activities.

Mobile Slots

Convenience is becoming a priority for every individual. Playing at your pleasure is what led to the development of mobile slots. You do not have to stick to PCs and other large monitors while you can enjoy a simple game online on your phone.

Select the game your desire on you mobile, follow instructions and play to in real money. Otherwise, you can go for free online slots no deposit options on mobile casino sites for a refreshing experience.

Mega Spin Slots

On this specific type of slot games, the screen comes with several slots machines on the screen each equipped with several reels that range from four reels all the way to nine. Using mega spin, you can easily score huge winnings.

The mega spin slots use simple, easy to understand and quality imagery and classic gameplay option to suit the entire client population. However, it is a modernized slots game and all you need are simple playing skills to win your real money.

Multi-pay line Slots

Multi-pay line slots are making their debut in the casino market. For individuals who are in search of a challenge, having over 100 pay lines at your disposal provides you with one. With a single online slots bonus point, you can maximize your wins and experience.

Identify the right symbol and continue your game and play with the right number of pay lines. The higher the pay lines at your disposal, the higher the winning odds. Get a chance to score big with multi-pay line lots.

Best online slots by RTP

RTP slots are specific slots games online that offer a specific amount to return to the player after a specific period after placing a wager. The RTP refers to the percentage of the total amount that will return to the player. The RTP in short is a percentage average of a specific wager on any slot game offering returns to player with a minimum of plays of approximately one in a million numbers of slots spins.

The statistical percentage and calculation indicates the returns and is not ultimate or always accurate. Games have different probabilities and outcomes may differ extensively. However, by assessing the casino site house edge, you can be able to discern the RTP. For instance, if the house edge is 4%, then the RTP is 96% on specific slots game.

Such an RTP as 96% indicates high chances of winning at your stakes. Practicing caution as a player through reviews and maximizing possible winnings will enable you to take advantage of the RTP when playing online. However, slots with less RTP than 90% offer minimal chances of winning. Players should avoid them to minimize losing.

# Slot Game Provider RTP
1. 1429 Uncharted Seas Thunderkick 98.6% RTP
2. Immortal Romance Microgaming 96.9% RTP
3. Twin Spin NetEnt 96.6% RTP
4. Double Bubble Gamesys 96.2% RTP
5. Pink Elephants Thunderkick 96.1% RTP
6. Starburst NetEnt 96.1% RTP
7. Gonzo’s Quest NetEnt 96% RTP
8. Cleopatra IGT 95.03% RTP
9. Rainbow Riches Barcrest 95% RTP
10. Thai Flower Barcrest 95% RTP

Slot features

Slots have many different features that make your game easier and much fun to engage in at any given time. Some of these features may include amazing bonuses while others may cost you to play on them. Select carefully and pick out a slot with the features you enjoy playing. Also, you can decide to invest in your gaming experience via a different bet options and experience extra slot features.


These are the most classical symbols on slots. They represent winning arrangements. For instance, once you start your game, your winning arrangement turns and the replacing symbol is a wild. Individuals managing to line up five or more wild symbol on a pay line tend to have the best payouts or wins. Wilds are of different types including expanding, stacked, sticky, shifting and transferring wilds. Each of these offers different winning opportunities and other advantages to the players.


Scatters are a special slot feature allowing individual players to collect on rewards if and when they appear. They do not follow similar rules like wilds. They can appear anywhere on the screen and offer different prizes.

For instance, a single scatter appearing on your screen will earn a little bonus amount. However, if two three or more scatters appear when playing, you can win specialized bonus such as trail bonuses or even several free spins.

Free spins the reels

Most popular slot features. You can trigger free spins on your gaming activities by ensuring three or more scatters appear on your screen. Also, casinos tend to offer free spins on online slots no deposit options while others give them as rewards for specific wagers. Sometimes, free spins come attached to a prize or other special reel rewards such as winning wilds and scatters.

Bonus rounds

The feature allows you to have another round at the reels after completing a game. To get a bonus round, all you need is to arrange specific symbols on the game on the gaming reels. Allow them to last for a specific period and you garner another gaming round.

Getting another bonus round requires special skills and experience. Do not try to get another game round if you do not have the proper know-how.


Multiplier is a feature represented by specific symbols on the reels. Whenever a player hits a multiplayer symbol, then it multiplies their winnings by a specific amount. Depending on developers, the casino and other game factors, the multiplying amount can vary for times two to over a thousand in multiplying amount.

Multiplier symbols appear in different designs. Some appear on the reels while others come accompanying a bonus or any other slot feature.

Top progressive slots

A progressive slot offers you a once in a lifetime opportunity. The amount individuals get access to via progressive jackpots range in the hundreds or thousands to millions. Therefore, top progressive slots are not numerous but are specific and highly enjoyable.

Some online casinos take pride in sharing progressive jackpots increasing the jackpot immensely over time. Here are some of the top progressive slots in the market today:

  • Mega Moolah is famous for some of the biggest jackpot pay-outs in online history. It is produced by Microgaming and has many times spit out jackpots of more than £6 million.
  • Divine Fortune is a classic jackpot game from Netent that takes you to a greco-roman inspired fantasy universe filled with mythical beings and riches. The main jackpot often exceeds £1.000.000.
  • Gunslinger Reloaded is a highly entertaining western themed game from Swedish play n Go. It does not offer the biggest jackpots on the market, far from, but on the other hand, it features exciting bonus rounds and awesome graphics.

online slots

Slot strategies

You might not be able to beat the online slots, but there are strategies you can use to improve your chances of winning. The methods above can be used to increase how much you win, but there are other strategies that are commonly used by online slots players because they believe it allows them to win more often.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you can beat the video slots, and one such strategy that doesn’t work is bet sizing. This is a method that involves betting big earlier on, and playing the most expensive online slots, in order to cash in quick and use those winnings to make even more money later on. It doesn’t work, however, because your odds will always be the same no matter how many times you spin.

New online slots

Every new day, a new online slot game enters the market. The new game provides a new challenge for slot players all over the world. Besides, software providers aim to provide the best with their newest slots designs.

Checking to see and evaluate the new addition every time you log in provides the best chance at finding a new favorite pastime. It breaks the monotony that many people endure over similar games that are pleasing but routinely available.

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Online slots vs traditional slots

Video slots, or online slots, offer a number of great advantages over traditional casino slot machines. Unlike those classic casino slot machines, you can enjoy high pay-out percentages thanks to the competition online. With online casinos vying for you to use their platform, you can find better odds on the Internet.

You can also take advantage of regular online slots promotions, including welcome deals with free spins. Not to mention, you can rest assured that all the casino websites we promote at TheGambleDoctor take your privacy seriously, protect your payment information, and ensure fair betting odds every time you play.

Find your slot next bonus at thegambledoctor!

TheGambleDoctor is here to ensure you have quick and easy access to the most trusted online casinos in the UK. Our tips and advice will help you make the most of the online slots and casino games you play, and our lists ensure that you don’t fall into the trap of signing up for a disreputable and untrustworthy online casino platform.

Be sure to keep an eye on our site, check out our articles, and look out for all the best deals and promotions we write about. With our help, you can make the most of your online casino experience.

  1. 80
    666casino-logo With Deposit 396 £ + 66 Free Spins Play here Read the review Terms and Conditions18+. New players only. One bonus offer per player. Min deposit £20. Bonus offer must be used within 30 days and bonus spins within 10 days, otherwise any unused shall be removed. Bonus funds are 100% of your first deposit up to £66 plus 66 bonus spins on Book of Dead slot only, and 50% of deposits 2-6 (incl) up to £66. Bonus spins winnings are credited as casino bonus and are capped at £50. Bonus funds are separate to cash funds and are subject to 35x wagering the total bonus plus cash. Only bonus funds count towards wagering req. Terms apply.
  2. 80
    Mr q bingo thegambledoctor With Deposit 0 £ + 10 Free Spins Play here Read the review Terms and Conditions10 Free Spins credited upon your first £10 deposit on Stampede slot only, valued at 25p per spin. Free spins must be used within 48 hours of qualifying. All winnings are uncapped and credited to your real money balance
  3. 83
  4. 76
    genesis casino With Deposit 100 £ + 300 Free Spins Play here Read the review Terms and Conditions18+ Full terms and conditions Apply. New players Only. GBP10 min deposit. GBP5 max bet using bonus. 40x wagering applies. Bonus valid for 14 days. Minimum GBP5 wager to activate 300 Spins. 30 Spins on Starburst games will be credited per day for 10 days after qualifying deposit/wager is met. Free Spins valid for 72 hours from credit. Max Free Spins winnings GBP100. Skrill + Neteller excluded. Always refer to Bonus Terms -

Online Slots FAQ

What do you win on no deposit slots

You can win big money on no depost slots - however, some casinos have some wagering requirements.

What slotmachines pay the most out?

We have gathered the slotmachines with the highest payout right here!

what is the payout percentage in slotmachines

Slot machines are typically programmed to pay out as winnings 82% to 98% of the money that is wagered by players

Can you beat the slots?

Since the inception of the online casino, users have asked whether it's possible to beat the online slots. The simple answer is no. While it is entirely possible to maximize your chances of winning big when playing online slots, the game is designed specifically to ensure fairness for all users. This is a blessing, not a curse!

Online slots are powered by a random number generator, meaning your slot games are entirely fair and not designed to ensure you always lose. The random numbers generated by the underlying software assigned to different symbols that are displayed when you make a spin. Each time you spin, the online casino assigns you a random number and a symbol, thereby giving you a realistic slot experience.

So, no, you can't beat the slots – but you can take some simple steps to ensure you have the best possible chances of winning.

Are Online Slots Rigged?

There is no possibility of rigging with today's online casino. They require a license for operating in a specific region. Each game they provide is evaluated and approved by different organizations. The rules and regulations governing the establishment of a gambling company online are strict thus preventing any form of irregularities and customer exploitation.  

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