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Pay by phone casinos – Depositing by using your phone bill

Are you tired of having to input your credit or debit card details each time you wish to make a deposit at an online casino?
The good news is that pay by phone casino sites make it incredibly straightforward to fund your account using your mobile phone. Having increased in popularity over the last couple of years, there are now plenty of options for players who have been asking for a much quicker and simpler way to make a deposit.

We’ve picked out the most trustworthy pay by phone bill casinos, and we also take a look at how straightforward, speedy and secure the process has become.

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TheGambleDoctor’s picks: Best pay by phone casino sites

Pay by phone

What does a pay by phone casino mean exactly?

Whilst the majority of online casinos will ask players to input their credit card details or sign-in to an e-wallet prior to making a deposit, pay by mobile phone casinos now allow users to top up their account using a mobile device. The deposit will added straight to the monthly phone bill, or taken from a pay-as-you-go balance with no password or 11-digit code necessary.
It is simple, safe and speedy, and millions of casino players now opt to top up their balance using this increasingly popular method.

Pros & Cons: Playing casino games on credit by using one’s phone bill

There are a variety of ways to fund an online account, although making a casino deposit by phone bill is undoubtedly the quickest. It’s also the newest way of topping up, and like all other exisiting methods, there are a number of pros and cons which need be taken into account before signing up for a pay by phone casino site.



  • • Quick and Easy
  • • Secure
  • • Lower Deposit Limits
  • • Convenience
  • • No Fees


  • • Deposit Limits
  • • Limited Availability
  • • Withdrawals Can Differ Between Operators

Newest pay by phone Casino Sites in July 2024

Reasons for using your phone bill as a deposit method at online casinos

There are many reasons to make a mobile casino deposit by phone bill with the speed and convenience of these transactions making it an excellent alternative to more traditional credit card or e-wallet payments. With just a couple of clicks, accounts can be fully funded and the amount will simply be added to the monthly phone bill. The play now, play later aspect is likely to appeal to the majority of users.

The lack of transaction fees is another huge tick in the box, and with low-risk players and those on modest budgets able to deposit as little as €3 at a time, this is an ideal way to get started.
Although data breaches are extremely rare, many users will also be comforted by the fact that their credit or debit card details aren’t being stored on a database and therefore can’t be accessed by third parties. With only a mobile phone number required (and many sites will often store these for future use), players can rest assured that very little information has changed hands.

With both pre-paid contract and pay-as-you-go users able to complete transactions, this method of payment does not discriminate and this makes it incredibly inclusive.
Completed transactions will be confirmed via an SMS messages and players who are worried about keeping on top of their transactions will simply be able to refer back to these in order to calculate their monthly spend.

How to make a casino deposit by using one’s phone bill

Making a casino deposit by phone could not be any simpler and the whole process has been made incredibly straightforward by the introduction of these fantastic sites. Players won’t need to reach for their wallets or purses in order to complete the transaction, with a mobile phone number the only detail required. See how simple it can be to make an online casino deposit by phone bill.
Estimated time needed: 00:05 Tools needed: SmartphoneLaptop/PC/TabletPay by Phone Casino Account Supply needed: Sufficient FundsTimeStrong 4G or Broadband Connection
Pay by phone
Login to Your Online Casino Account Using the app or a mobile browser, log into your online casino account and go straight to the banking section and then click ‘Deposit’. Step 1
Pay by phone
Select ‘Phone Bill’ The online casino will ask for your preferred method, find the option which says ‘Phone Bill’ (It may be described slightly differently depending on the operator) Step 2
Pay by phone
Step 3 Deposit the amount of money you wish to have on your Casino account and dive into the gaming right away. Be aware that there might be different bonus conditions when you deposit by phone! Step 3

Pay by phone

Options for Pay by phone casino payments

Pay by phone casinos make it incredibly simple to top up online accounts, and there a number of options for users to take advantage of:

Pay by Phone Bill

Casino sites allow pay by phone bill transactions which gives players the chance to simply add the cost to their monthly bill. Pay by phone casino accounts will be credited instantly, however, users will not be charged by their mobile operator until the end of the month.

Pay by Phone Credit

Pay-as-you-go users can also access pay by phone casinos with the total amount being deducted from their existing credit. Players must have enough credit to complete the transaction, with the cost being debited instantly.

SMS deposits

Online casino players may also wish to make a deposit using SMS. It may seem a little archaic, however, it’s an incredibly straightforward way to top up and it is a very convenient and secure way of ensuring your casino balance remains topped up. It is an extremely safe way of moving money and with very little personal information required, SMS transactions are extremely unlikely to be linked with fraudulent actitivy.
Once the online casino account and the mobile phone have been linked, a number for future transactions will be provided by the operator. It is also strongly advised to double check that the details have inputted correctly before continuing. Players can simply message this number and include the amount that they’d like to deposit. Users must be aware that there will be a small SMS charge for using this service, although some pre-paid contracts will have these fees will already be included in the monthly cost.

Other pay via phone bill methods

Although the SMS deposit method is very popular with pay by phone casino users, there are a number of companies who offer a similiar service. BOKU and Payforit are arguably the best known providers and they work with the majority of online casinos helping players to make simple and speedy deposits. Both companies are very established and have a reputation for being both safe and secure. The list of casinos who use BOKU continues to increase, and transactions can be completed with just a couple of clicks.
There is an extensive list of companies who help players to make their deposits safely and securely with UK-based Fonix and SIRU Mobile just two examples. The latter pride themselves on making the process extremely straightforward for their users, and allows casino players to top up their balance (up to €30) in a matter of seconds using this method.

Alternatives for pay by phone

Although many casino players are currently embracing the chance to fund their mobile casino accounts by phone bill, there are also a number of methods which provide alternative options. The majority of these are extremely established, and allow users to complete transactions in a matter of minutes. Additional details are often required, although despite this, they provide a safe and secure way for players to deposit funds into their online accounts.
Players are able to mix and match these methods, and the majority of online casinos will accept credit card and e-wallet transactions. The deposit limits are increased when using these methods and unlike pay by phone transactions, these will not capped at €30.


PayPal is a popular online e-wallet which allows users to make online transactions and send money easily. It is often used in conjunction with online casinos, as deposits are fast, safe and convenient. The app allows customers to keep an eye on all of their transactions, and there are very few hidden fees involved.
The majority of casino sites now offer deposits and withdrawals using this method, and with e-wallet withdrawals often being completed within 24 hours, it has understandably become the payment method of choice for many online casino players.
The PayPal app and One Touch function now allows users to stay logged in and helps create faster transactions.


Neteller is one of the most popular online e-wallets and although it is a little less showy than PayPal, it does allow users to transfer large amounts of money with minimum fuss. With some online casino players understandably reticent to part with their credit or debit card details, Neteller provides a perfectly safe way to fund accounts.
There are a growing number of online casinos who have recently added Neteller to their vast list of deposit options, and with withdrawals generally taking under 48 hours to complete, players won’t have to wait long to get their hands on those precious winnings!


Many top online casinos now use Skrill which allows players to deposit and withdraw funds on a regular basis. It is one of the oldest and most trusted e-wallets on the market, and has built up a reputation for being both reliable and trustworthy. Players can rest assured that their funds are safe, and with speedy transactions and very few hidden fees, many casino users rely on this service for all of their online gaming needs.


Paysafecard allows players to deposit into their online casino account using a 16-digit PIN code which can be obtained from a variety of retailers and stores. It is fast and secure with users having to submit very few personal details in order to get started. It offers anonymity and makes it simple to keep on top of every single transaction.
The majority of online casinos now offer players the chance to deposit using a Paysafecard and it has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Pay by phone

Slots & mobile casino games – Pay by phone

With plenty of competition on the market, a large number of online casinos allow their users to pay by phone bill. Having a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options is something that the majority of new players look for before signing up, and offering them the opportunity to deposit using their mobile device will undoubtedly help attract a new audience.
We take a look at some of the best online casinos which currently offer players the chance to fund their accounts using their handset. Slots and live casino players can now enjoy the chance to boost their balance at the touch of a button and subsequently take advantage of the great range of games.

Mobile bonuses – Pay by phone

Most online casino players will favour operators who offer a generous welcome bonus. The majority of casinos will offer new users the chance to earn free spins or perhaps even play with house money, and this is a great way of getting started.
Luckily, the majority of online casinos which allow players to pay by phone credit will also allow them to use these funds to claim their welcome bonus. It’s always a good idea to compare the latest offers and promotions before signing up and it’s also worth checking that the site doesn’t impose any restrictions on players who choose to deposit using this method.
The majority of sites will require new players to use a special code in order to claim the bonus, and users must remember to enter this when depositing via a mobile phone. There are likely to be a number of rollover requirements which must be adhered to in order to claim the bonus money. A small number of games may also be excluded from the bonus.
Players who deposit using their mobile phone may also qualify for ongoing bonuses or promotions, many of which are also available to exisiting players.

Pay by phone conclusion

Depositing by mobile phone has become increasingly popular in recent years and players are understandably keen to use this quick and easy method. It is a simple and efficient way of funding a casino account, and with safety and security paramount these days, it allows players to remain anonymous throughout the transaction.

One of the standout features of pay by phone casinos is the ability to deposit small amounts, and with a €30 daily limit alongside SMS confirmation, it provides a way of keeping on top of every single transaction.
Although depositing via a debit card or e-wallet is a perfectly acceptable way to fund an online casino account, players can save time by simply using their phone. With just a mobile number required, it is a method which takes the hassle out of making a deposit, and those valuable minutes can potentially be spent attempting to land one of the many lucrative daily jackpots.

Players who visit a mobile casino and pay by phone bill will be able to access the same great range of bonuses and promotions, as well as enjoying the same fantastic array of exciting slots and live table games.
Check out our extensive list of online operators which will highlight the best online casino sites that currently accept mobile phone payments. These allow players to fund their accounts in just a matter of seconds.

Pay by phone Casinos: Your questions answered (FAQ)

Are there any fees associated when using mobile phone bill for Casino deposits

No. Unlike other deposit methods such as e-wallets and credit cards, there are no fees associated with using your mobile phone bill to make casino deposits. However, depositing via SMS may incur the standard text charge (depending on the network).

Is there a limit to how much can I withdraw and deposit?

Players who use their mobile bill to deposit at an online casino can choose any amount between €3 and €30. The upper limit for transactions is €30, and once this has been met, players cannot make any further deposits for another 24 hours. High rollers who wish to deposit large amounts may prefer to use an alternative method.

Are pay by phone casinos safe?

Phone casinos are actually safer than standard online sites as players are not required to hand over any of their bank details. Although some personal information may be required (name, DOB etc), users will not be asked to submit their credit/debit card numbers, and this tends to make players feel much safer as a result. Encryption technology is also updated on a regular basis, so users can rest assured that their information will not be shared.

Where do I find pay by phone casinos that are not “Boku casinos”?

Our list of pay by phone casinos will help players to identify the “not Boku casinos” and although the majority of operators do use BOKU technology, there are still some sites who prefer to use other companies such as Fonix. Another way to avoid BOKU is to deposit using SMS.

Can I make pay by phone payments with all network providers?

Yes, all major network providers allow mobile phone payments. It is becoming increasingly popular, particularly amongst younger players, and as a result, users will not be penalised for using a specific network.

Are pay by phone bill casinos legal in UK?

Yes. The UK has seen a number of new phone bill casinos launch over the last five years, whilst the majority of established names such as NetBet, Betfred, Paddy Power and William Hill also accept mobile payments. It is perfectly legal to sign up for a phone bill casino in the UK and our extensive list of operators will give players the chance to compare sites.

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